Can Our Gut Microbiota Influence our Sleep & Wake Cycles (Circadian Clock)?

Natural cycles, known as circadian rhythms, control the sleep/wake patterns of all organisms. These cycles tell some animals to become sleepy as the sun goes down just as circadian rhythms tell creatures of the night to wake up. They also affect other bodily functions, such as appetite and metabolism. Humans sometimes override their body clocks so that they can work night shifts, fly across time zones in airplanes and stay up late to study or play. This control over circadian rhythms comes at a price, however, as those who try to overcome the natural sleep/wake cycles are more vulnerable to…. [Read More…]

Why Snoring is a Health Concern & Exercises You Can Do to Help

You believe that you’re doing everything possible to live a healthy life style. You eat right. You exercise and you think your health is in great shape. What’s the last thing you’d consider to derail all that? Would you believe snoring? Snoring occurs while you’re asleep and your throat muscles relax, your tongue falls backwards and your throat becomes narrow. As you breathe in and out, your throat walls begin to vibrate. The narrower your throat becomes, the greater the vibration, and the louder the snore. A more serious complication of snoring is sleep apnea where the throat will completely…. [Read More…]