Do Americans Really Pack on the Pounds During the Winter? And What You Can Do About It

With fall comes Halloween candy and Thanksgiving Day desserts, and then soon after it’s the season of holiday cookies and New Years Eve smorgasbords – does all this add up to extra pounds during the winter months? While it is true most people do see the number on the scale rise thanks to binge eating during the holidays, it’s not the five or 10 pounds you might think. What is the real story behind winter weight gain and what can you do about it? What You Need to Know About Obesity Americans are overweight and it’s not all about winter…. [Read More…]

The Nutritional Science Behind The Biggest Loser

As one of the most popular shows on television, The Biggest Loser provides viewers with inspiration and motivation for losing weight, but is the dramatic weight loss based on good nutritional science? Not really. Nutritional science now suggests that people who try to lose massive amounts of weight quickly may be doing more harm to their bodies – and their waistlines – than good. The Biggest Loser is Not Your Regular Diet At the beginning of each season, 16 contestants weigh in. The contestant who loses the least weight each week leaves the show. Whoever loses the most weight at…. [Read More…]

Can Living in a Cold Climate Equate to Gaining Less Weight?

If you’re like many, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed when it’s cold outside. If you live in a colder climate, you more than likely dread winter. And, doesn’t it seem like the winter months last longer than the warmer months? So, how on earth could there possibly be any benefit to the cold weather? But what if we told you that the cold weather may help you shed a few pounds, would you be surprised? Well wait before you pack up house and move to the other side of the country, there’s still…. [Read More…]