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Recovering After the Holidays

January 05, 2015

Recovering After the Holidays

The aftermath of the holiday festivities is now starting to become a reality. Those rules you lived by all year long, were broken in just a few weeks of holidays, right? You are not alone; so many of us go through this. It’s tough to avoid the allure of the holidays, to have fun, to eat, drink and indulge in things that you know aren’t good for you, but ‘twas the season, and now it’s time to put things right.

January is the start of a New Year, and it is also the time to start afresh in your life; pick up from where you left off before the holidays and make new resolutions to live 2015 to the fullest.

How to Set Good Resolutions

Have you made your resolutions already or you are still procrastinating? Resolutions are goals you set for yourself for the year, and you should make them now.

Resolutions are often short-lived. The reason many people don’t achieve them is because they make goals that are almost impossible to turn into reality. Resolutions should be realistic – ones that you know with just a little effort you can achieve, and feel good about.

Resolutions should also be a personal objective. You are doing this for you, not to impress anyone else, so make them something that you really want to achieve, not just something you pay lip service to. One way of making them count is to team up with someone you trust intimately, and make each other accountable for your progress. It doesn’t have to last the whole year, but a little shared ambition will go a long way.

Be specific in your objectives for 2015. For instance, “I want to lose weight” is not a good objective – that’s a wish, not a goal. Try setting something more specific, such as “I want to lose 2 pounds per week for the next 3 months”.  If you meet your goal, set a reward. If you miss, have a recovery plan. The best businesses plan their goals this way, and your personal objectives can follow the same lead!

Managing Weight Loss – The Most Popular Of All Resolutions!

Losing a little weight is at the top of most people’s New Year plans. There are countless diet and exercise plans that promise eye-popping weight loss results, but all of them are worthless without a solid foundation of good diet and good digestive health.

Good diet begins with eating natural, healthy, whole-food based meals. Eating fresh foods, using fresh ingredients and cutting out processed junk loaded with ingredients that you cannot pronounce will get you much of the way towards any weight-loss goal, and it will be sustainable weight loss too!

Good digestive health means tuning your internal digestive engine to peak performance. Eating a healthy diet will get you part of the way there, and for optimum digestive health, we recommend a daily probiotic supplement like Natren’s Healthy Trinity – this delivers numerous benefits, including better digestive efficiency and motility (moving the food through your digestive system), helping control gas that often makes an appearance when you change your diet, and a healthy gut leads to a healthy mind through the gut-brain connection.

If you are struggling with cravings as you change your diet, we have something else that might help: Natren’s Healthy Tummy is a chewable wafer that can be eaten by people of all ages. Each on-the-go wafer has a delicious French vanilla ice-cream taste that will satisfy your sweet-tooth with just 5 calories, but best of all, it contains a billion cfus of Lactobacillus bulgaricus super strain (LB-51) probiotic, to add to your digestive strength.  And, Natren is offering a FREE bottle of Healthy Tummy this month, when you purchase Healthy Trinity 90 ct.

Finally, ongoing support of your health goals is critical to your long-term success. At Natren, we want you to have a happy and healthy life – be sure to read our weekly health blog, and follow us on Facebook for helpful, healthful tips throughout the year.

Happy 2015, and make it a good one!

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