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Safe Travels With Probiotics

August 05, 2013

Safe Travels With Probiotics

It’s summer, that great time of year when we bask in the sunshine and take some well-earned vacation in the sun.  However, much as we love the sun, our friendly probiotic bacteria do not handle the transition to warm temperatures so well.

We have often stressed the importance of keeping probiotics cool, ideally in a refrigerator.  There is a good reason for this – heat kills most bacteria, and since probiotics are living bacteria, heat is not their friend.  However, some probiotic manufacturers would have you think that their product does not need refrigeration, but the laws of biology apply just as much to their bacteria cells as to ours, and the reality is that they are hoping that enough of their cells make the trip alive though the heat, whereas we really believe in getting the full potency of our probiotics delivered to our customers intact – which is why we emphasize the need to keep your probiotics cool.

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When we are traveling, this means we have to be aware of our supplements when we are on the move and take the best care of them that we can.  Obviously we don’t need to make it the focus of the trip – probiotics will survive outside the refrigerator, but it is best to limit the temperature extremes as much as possible.

If you are taking a road trip, the ideal solution is to place them in a cooler with a chill-pack.  Quite often you’ll have a cooler in the trunk on a road trip anyway, if not you can pick up a small one at your local hardware store.  Remember the inside of a car can get very hot when parked in the sun, so again, try to limit the exposure to high temperatures.

Traveling long distance obviously adds complexity – bringing the fridge on vacation really drives up those checked baggage fees!  Again, just a little care and attention will keep your probiotics in great shape.  Here are a few tips to help:

  • Don’t put your probiotics in checked baggage, as the temperature in the cargo hold can get quite hot
  • Wrap the bottle in a few layers of aluminum foil to protect the probiotics from light and moisture
  • If possible, place the wrapped bottle in an insulated bag, such as a lunch bag, with a chill-pack.  Don’t use ice, because you don’t want to get the probiotics wet
  • Refrigerate on arrival.  If you don’t have access to a refrigerator, place the probiotics in a cool dark place like a closet, or near an air conditioner

Travel can be stressful time on the body, dealing with strange foods and water can be trouble for the digestive system, and so you want your probiotics to be working at full strength when you get there.  Take care of your probiotics and they will take care of you.

To help you along your way, Natren has a special offer though the month of August – when you buy one Healthy Trinity 90 caps bottle at regular price, we will give you a free 14 caps bottle (perfect size for a 2 week trip), plus a convenient Travel Tin, and free second-day shipping.

Safe travels from all of us at Natren!

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