"Following repeated antibiotic treatments, I contracted a vaginal yeast infection. For many years, every six to eight weeks, I took a prescription treatment for yeast overgrowth. After using only two boxes of Gy-Na-Tren, my vaginal yeast infection was gone. I cannot begin to tell you the relief it has brought to my life, all thanks to Natren's Gy-Na-Tren." Carol J., CA

"During a course of antibiotics for an upper-respiratory infection, I developed a very uncomfortable (vaginal) yeast infection. I used Gy-Na-Tren and within a few hours, I felt so much better and by the next day – normal. I will recommend this product to every woman in my life!" Aimee P., CA

"I want to tell you about the help I have received from using Gy-Na-Tren. This is the only product that has ever helped me in the last 15 years. Not only has Gy-Na-Tren prevented me from having recurrent yeast infections, it has also prevented me from having episodes of bacterial vaginosis by replacing the normal flora. I had trouble with both for 15 years and I didn't know why. Your product has greatly improved my life. Thank you so much." Anne, St. Louis, MO