We want to provide you with some feedback regarding the efficacy of the probiotics we recently ordered from you - Life Start 2 . The results have been stellar and we could not be more impressed. While I was expecting that there would be a noticeable improvement, I did not expect the effects to take hold so quickly and efficiently. I was taking another brand name probiotic for about 4 1/2 years, and recently had been having mounting issues with it, and I had gotten to the point where my symptoms had returned full blown digestive problems had fully returned. I was literally unable to eat anything. Once I discovered who manufactured my usual probiotic, I dug deeper (I did have to dig very deep as the information wasn't easy to find.)and I learned that this company had stopped all allergen "testing" and no longer guaranteed an allergy free product- I knew that the product was likely tainted, probably with gluten. I have PROFOUND gluten sensitivities. In addition, I was covered in a rash. It was unmistakable.

Nothing else had altered in my VERY health conscious lifestyle. And my suspicion was clearly proven by my complete turnaround once I stopped taking the other probiotic. Further, when the package from Natren came, and I read even further into your company's philosophies regarding FOS and SBO's (soil based organisms)I was overcome with joy as I have NEVER believed or subscribed to either of those additives either- even though that is very popular in manufacturing right now.

In summary, I thank God for Natasha and your company. I must take the Bifidum infantis for my condition- all the other strains make my condition worse. There is very little true Bifidum infantis available on the market, and certainly none as purely sourced as Natren.

I'm giving you're my permission to use my testimonial. The other company should be ashamed. Our next order will be a 90 day supply and we will be ordering the yogurt starter too. I would be so pleased if you could share this letter with Natasha.

With thanks & blessings,
The Vita's

"Thank you for your wonderful Life Start product. Because the Healthy Trinity has helped me tremendously for the past four years, when I went to greet my newborn baby niece I gave my sister a bottle of Life Start for her baby's good health.

We decided to give my niece some Life Start with every feeding. We were all very relieved that the discomfort she first had when she had to wean herself from breastmilk to formula went away as soon as she started on Life Start.
Since then my sister and her family all take Natren's probiotics, simply because they are the BEST.

I hope my experience can help others feel comfortable trying this amazing infantis bacteria for their babies."
Emilie D., CA

"I want you to know how much you have changed my life in such a miraculous way since I learned about you on 'Know the Cause'. What an awesome work you are all doing! First I want you to know what a difference Life Start has made for my baby who is now a week shy of her 1st birthday. She was a very fussy baby with obvious stomach discomfort and bowel irregularity. I started my 6 month old on Life Start. Praise God! She's still on Life Start and I breastfeed her. My other son who's 3 is on Healthy Start as well - it keeps his bowels moving. I'm taking Healthy Trinity everyday and All-one and I haven't felt this good in a long, long time! Thank you for the world you do and for being on the show 'Know the Cause'. That's how I got to know about your products."
Melody S.

"I am writing to let you know I am very pleased with Natren's Healthy Trinity and Lifestart products.

I had never heard of such a thing until I happened to see Natasha Trenev on the program, 'Know the Cause.' While channel-surfing, I recognized Doug Kaufman and I decided to listen in. Natasha Trenev was talking about the positive affects of probiotics in our system. I thank God each day for this."
Jeanine E., CA