What Happens When America’s Personal Trainer® Tony Little and The Mother of Probiotics Natasha Trenev Join Together?

Health Happens!!

Fitness Hall of Famer Tony Little and
Founder-President of the Country’s Premiere
Probiotics company Natren Join Together To Share
How Fitness & Health Begins From Within

“I’ve tried other probiotics that did nothing for me. Natren Probiotics are unbelievable. I saw results within the first week using HEALTHY TRINITY!
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We at Natren are extremely proud to welcome America’s Personal Trainer® Tony Little as one of our newest Natren’s People! Tony – who is a household name in fitness and fun for well over three decades – joins with Natren’s Founder-President and the Mother of Probiotics Natasha Trenev for a national campaign to promote how fitness and health Begins from Within – by adopting a daily regimen that includes Natren probiotics, the highest quality probiotics available.

A revered television personality and health & wellness advocate, Tony Little is beloved for his energy, motivation and enthusiasm. Acclaimed as TV’s #1 exercise guru, Tony is a Fitness Hall of Fame inductee who revolutionized direct response marketing and television home shopping with more than $4 billion in products bearing his name.

A developmental scientist who introduced the term probiotics in the US nearly five decades ago, Natasha Trenev launched Natren to deliver scientifically proven high potency probiotic strains to improve the functioning of the small intestine, large intestine and transient flora by aiding in the inhibition of unwanted bacteria. Her extensive and unparalleled work in probiotics has propelled Natren as the #1 most trusted probiotics brand, renowned for its effectiveness – and for its exclusive production method, dark glass bottling and cold chain shipment that ensures the potency of its live probiotic strains all the way through consumption.

Tony Little and Natasha Trenev are two iconic health and wellness figures who join forces with a simple, yet profound message for all ages, everywhere – that health begins from within.

Natren invites you to join Tony and Natasha – by making your health a lifestyle choice.

Eat healthy, get plenty of exercise and make Natren Probiotics a daily part of your supplemental program!

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