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Natren cares about your health – and the health of your entire family. That’s why we are proud to introduce Natren’s Healthy Kids! Natren’s unparalleled probiotics can benefit children of all ages, from birth through the growing years. Our Healthy Start System is the flagship product of this program – it is especially formulated to become the go-to probiotic for your kids delivering three of the most well studied probiotic strains to target and maintain the health of their entire gut ecosystem.

Healthy Start System is available in easy-to-use and easy-to-customize powders that can be stirred into your kids’ food or drinks! This system is great for infants who have been fully weaned from breastmilk or formula and are beginning to eat a more complex and enriched diet. It’s also ideal for growing kids and adults. The Healthy Start System is a great starter and maintenance program to provide helpful levels of beneficial bacteria throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

I’m the mother of two 5-year old girls, one of whom has ALWAYS had trouble with her “regularity”. From infancy, her pediatricians have always prescribed a capful of laxative in her juice daily…and said to continue indefinitely. At their 5 year wellness checkup, I asked for any natural alternatives and was told if it wasn’t broke, why fix it? That was enough for me. Being a long time purchaser of Healthy Trinity, I knew Natren was the place to start. At the suggestion of Sandra (one of Natren’s Probiotic Specialists), I purchased the Healthy Start System for my girls and began adding it to their yogurt. From the VERY FIRST DAY, my daughter was better. She no longer needs laxatives, is extremely regular, no longer bloated, doesn’t cry when it’s time to use the bathroom, and is just so much happier. THANK YOU! I told the girls’ doctor about this and he just rolled his eyes…but I know why she doesn’t have to depend on laxatives anymore - it’s because of you!
- Jennifer W., Stafford, VA

How to Give Natren Probiotics to Your Kids!

  • Natren’s Probiotic Powders can be stirred into just about any food or drink making it easy to incorporate them into your kids’ daily diet!

A few suggestions:

  • Stay away from food or drinks that are too hot and too acidic like citrus fruit and juices as these may damage the bacteria. A few ideal options are yogurt and smoothies that combine fruits and vegetables, etc.
  • For picky eaters you can make it a treat in a small spoonful of chocolate pudding!
  • When using probiotic powders in blended drinks, blend first and STIR in the probiotic AFTER blending to maintain the live bacteria.
  • Check out our Pinterest Board full of Kid Friendly Smoothie Ideas, perfect for mixing probiotic powders into!

To learn more about beneficial probiotics for prenatal and infant health visit Natren’s Baby Bacteria page for the most beneficial bacteria specific to infant and prenatal health needs. Our “Baby Bacteria”, also known as Natren’s Life Start, is extremely beneficial to more than just babies. We suggest Life Start for people with food intolerances, overactive immune systems and people of all ages with gut sensitivities. **Safe enough for a baby, but strong enough for an adult.**

Not Sure Which Probiotic is Right for You or Your Kids?

For more information on choosing the right Natren Probiotic for you and your family members:

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At Natren we truly believe in a customized approach that addresses your personal probiotic needs and we are here to help you and your whole family create one!

^Please see Natren’s 90 day money back guarantee eligibility here. Available to first time customers only.