"I want to thank you for your CanineDophilus probiotic for dogs. Our 12 year old Sheltie is a healthy, happy, elderly dog. Her coat has grown back (see photo), her skin's in much better condition, she's alert, has a great appetite and gets around better. She walks the neighborhood and even plays some with our younger Sheltie. We are amazed and are so grateful.

Thank you again and please feel free to share our testimony on your Web site." Angela Sanchez, AR

“A couple years ago my kitty was losing his appetite. I started kitty on Feline probiotics and not only did his appetite increase, but his fur was not knotty and greasy anymore due to poor health. I am very grateful. I know that there is more research going on in this area, but my kitty is scientific proof that probiotics are beneficial to the health of a cat.” Margaret C., IL

"Your FelineDophilus product is a lifesaver, literally. I own a cat and kitten rescue and we see a lot of kitties come through here. I will continue using Natren products with my cat for a lifetime! Thank you." Heidi J., CA