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Best Goat Milk Probiotics

Do you know what animal is responsible for making most of the milk that’s consumed in the world? Most Americans would say “cow of course!” but interestingly, that’s not correct.

While those in the US drink more milk from cows than any other animal, the world’s most popular milk is from goats. Even though we still use more cow’s milk than goat milk here, there’s been a substantial increase in the number of people in the US who chose alternative forms of milk in the last 10 years. Soy, almond, oat, and goat milk are all increasing in popularity as people switch from cow’s milk for a variety of reasons.

Not only is goat milk itself very popular, but so are products made from goat milk. The most popular goat milk product you’ll often see is cheese, with many types of goat cheeses topping salads and accenting dishes at fine restaurants. However, we also see a number of other goat milk products available today, including ice cream, soap, and probiotics. 

Benefits of Goat Milk

Before we talk about the best goat milk probiotics, we’ll first give you an idea of why people would choose goat milk at all. This will help you understand why quality probiotic companies offer goat milk alternatives for those customers who prefer this type of milk. 

Now that you’ve got an understanding of why smart consumers may be looking for ways to incorporate more goat milk into their diets, let’s look at the best goat milk probiotics.

Benefits of Goat Milk Probiotics

Quality probiotics can deliver the right bacteria to your digestive system in order to support many functions of the body. While we sometimes think of bacteria as only being unhealthy, some strains of bacteria are actually essential to our bodies functioning well. Good bacteria can aid with digestion, support healthy aging, help strengthen the immune system, and promote regularity. While many probiotics are made with cow’s milk, some consumers want an alternative. A high quality goat milk probiotic can provide these benefits, without the potential side effects for those who are sensitive to cow’s milk. 

Best Goat Milk Probiotics

It’s critical to remember that just because a probiotic is made with goat milk, that does NOT in any way guarantee quality or any of the benefits you might hope for. First and foremost, you need to pick a probiotic company known for its excellence and integrity. Only then can you choose a goat milk probiotic that will benefit you and your family. 

Natren is known internationally for providing top of the line, scientifically-backed, precision probiotics that have been trusted for decades. As part of their commitment to offering a range of probiotics that work for many different people, Natren offers one of their most popular probiotics in goat milk form: Life Start 2. 

Life Start 2 is the best goat milk probiotic because of several reasons:

  1. Effectiveness in supporting the digestive system: Life Start 2 is appreciated by many people for its ability to promote regularity, help relieve occasional minor gas, support stomachs that are sensitive to cow's milk, and support general wellness. 
  2. Life Start 2 is appropriate for all ages including infants, children, adults, and seniors. Both gentle and effective, Life Start 2 contains Bifidobacterium infantis, NLS super strain which can benefit people at any age. 
  3. Convenient and customizable: like many other Natren products, this goat milk probiotic is available in powder form so it’s very easy to take more or less, depending on your individual needs. Life Start 2 is also available in capsule form, for those that like a quick and easy way to take their healthy bacteria each day.
  4. Potency guarantee: when you take a probiotic, you want to know that you’re truly getting the healthy bacteria you’re paying for. Every one of Natren’s precision probiotics, including our goat milk supplement, come with a 100% potency guarantee through the expiration date. 
  5. Precision probiotic: Life Start 2, like all of Natren’s products, is a precision probiotic. What does that mean? It means that Natren chooses science over hype, quality over quantity, and integrity over sales. Precision probiotics are hard to find because they take true dedication to quality and research. Natren stands alone in the excellence of their commitment to health and the role probiotics have in supporting the whole body through the digestive system. 

If you’re looking for the best goat milk probiotics, try Natren’s Life Start 2. Whether you have a family member who is more sensitive to lactose, or are interested in incorporating more alternative milk products into your own life, Natren’s goat milk probiotics may be a great choice for you.  


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