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Best Probiotic to Take After Stomach Flu

After you have a stomach bug or stomach flu, it can take weeks to feel like you’re back to normal - if not longer. Being sick can undo the balance of good bacteria in your body, which has long term consequences. This is similar to how people find it can take months after a course of antibiotics for their digestive system to feel like it’s back on track.

As with being sick, this can be caused by the loss of the healthy bacteria that are helping to optimize your digestive system. Probiotics are one of the most important choices you can make to support the colonization of good bacteria in your gut. This can have positive effects in many areas, from digestion to immune health. 

Stomach Flu

The stomach flu is often another phrase used for viral gastroenteritis. Symptoms of the stomach flu can include stomach pains, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. Often when someone says they have the stomach flu or a stomach bug, they’re referring to feeling these symptoms. These can be caused by a virus, food or water they consumed, or bacteria.

Having a stomach bug or the stomach flu is not something that is readily treated with medicine. Generally antibiotics are not able to help with the causes or symptoms of a stomach ailment, and doctors often recommend home remedies to alleviate symptoms until your body has recovered. 

After the Stomach Flu

Once you have recovered from your stomach bug, there are ways that you can re-optimize your health to help you feel better and restore balance to your digestive system. One of these ways is by looking for the best probiotic after a stomach bug. When we’re looking for factors that are important in choosing a probiotic, here are some of the essentials to keep in mind:

The Best Probiotic Must be Effective

While it almost sounds too obvious to state, you need to choose a probiotic that will be effective. Probiotics that are not effective are a complete waste of your money.

Unfortunately, a substantial number of the probiotics you see in health food stores are more interested in making sales and less interested in quality. There are many ways that a probiotic can lose effectiveness, so you want to ensure you are accounting for all of these when you choose the best probiotic for after the stomach flu

The first factor is what strains of good bacteria are included in the probiotic. At Natren, we’ve spent almost 40 years researching the best healthy bacteria strains to include in our supplements.

Beyond the choice of bacteria strains, there is significant potential for a probiotic to lose its potency during the shipping and storing process. This is because the best probiotics need to be kept in a temperature controlled environment, in order for the bacteria to survive.

Even a good probiotic can turn into a useless one if it has spent several days in an overheated truck, or weeks on a store shelf in a container that does not protect it.

Many of the probiotics you buy off the shelf, or through the internet, will have lost their potency by the time you take them. Natren, on the other hand, guarantees the potency of every strain of bacteria in every one of our probiotics.

Our shipping and storage processes allow our good bacteria strains to survive. When Natren probiotic products are not being shipped, they are always refrigerated. During shipping our products are kept in our special thermally controlled packaging; this packaging allows our bacteria to maintain their potency during shipping.  

The Best Probiotic Must be Safe

Can you imagine recovering from a stomach bug, only to be made sick again by your probiotic? Some probiotic supplements may not be safe. Although there are some rules about what probiotic companies can say, there is very little oversight over what is actually included in these products. 

Each company makes their own choices about how strongly to prioritize safety, and Natren is at the top of the industry. You can rest assured when you choose Natren, because Natren’s probiotics meet the highest international standards for safety and quality. Our facilities have been honored with the International Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Certification by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Other probiotic companies do not prioritize safety the same way Natren does. 

Best Probiotic to Take After Stomach Bug

The most important consideration is that you’ve chosen a probiotic company who can deliver safe and effective products. However, now that you know the importance of the company you choose, which probiotic is best after the stomach flu or a stomach bug? 

Our top recommendation is called Healthy Trinity, which is a convenient and comprehensive three in one probiotic. When you choose Healthy Trinity, you’re getting a minimum of 30 billion colony forming units (cfu) of three potent, super strains of healthy bacteria. This probiotic can help you optimize your health and support your digestive system.

Healthy Trinity works in the small intestine, large intestine, and entire digestive tract to give you the best chance at returning your balance of gut bacteria to a good and healthy one. You can learn more about Healthy Trinity and our family of probiotics here.


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