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Best Probiotics for Men

Women are often given more credit for being proactive about their health, but we find there are also many men looking for ways to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

Some men also research probiotics because they get to a certain point in their lives and realize they may be taking their health for granted. After all, so many of us know that the way we eat, sleep, and spend our time in our 20s does not necessarily work as we get older.

Often we speak to men in their 30’s, 40’s, and older who say that they do not have the energy they used to, find that they’re gaining weight, and simply don’t feel “as good as they used to.''

There are many factors that can contribute to these declines, and you may be surprised to hear that probiotics for men may help with some of the most prominent ones. 

Men’s Health: Digestive Issues

Digestive complaints like constipation and diarrhea can be both uncomfortable as well as unhealthy.

When your digestion is not optimized, you are not absorbing the right amount of nutrients from the food you eat - even if you would consider your diet to be very healthy. 

Men often find that as they reach middle age, their digestion is not as good as it used to be. That’s why one of the best probiotics for men is one that supports healthy digestion. 

The best option for men’s probiotics in terms of digestion is actually a 3-in-1 supplement called Healthy Trinity. Healthy Trinity supports digestion of dairy, carbohydrates, and proteins. It also promotes regularity and a slightly acidic environment, which is optimal for intestinal health.

Natren’s 3-in-1 Healthy Trinity is the easiest way for a man to know he’s getting a good dose of probiotics every day, putting him on a better track to optimizing his digestive health. 

Men’s Health: Gas and Bloating

Excess gas can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. While lifestyle factors can affect your gas level, there are steps you can take to decrease occasional bouts of excess gas.

It is known that certain factors can increase gas, as well as bloating, in men (and women). These factors include: eating large amounts of certain foods like beans, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts; consuming certain sugar substitutes; drinking carbonated drinks like beer, soda, or seltzer; and suffering from some health conditions. 

An imbalance of bacteria in the gut may also increase episodes of bloating and excess gas. In addition to Health Trinity, we recommend Healthy Tummy and Gastro-pH to help restore balance to the digestive system and support healthy, comfortable digestion. 

Healthy Tummy is not only available in a convenient, portable wafer format, but it also comes in a tasty and low-calorie French Vanilla flavor that can satisfy a sweet tooth. 

Similarly, Gastro-pH comes in a wafer form that can be tucked into your gym bag or briefcase for quick and convenient use. The chewable strawberry flavored wafers can help protect against occasional indigestion and upset stomach.

Men’s Health: Athletic Performance

When you think about optimizing a man’s body for athletic performance, do you think about increasing protein powders and cutting out fried foods?

Those are good steps for some, but there’s more to optimizing the body for athletic performance. Probiotics may not be the first supplement we think of when considering strength and fitness, but there is a recommendation we have for the best probiotic for men who are focused on these aspects.

In addition to Healthy Trinity, we also recommend Digesta-Lac, which specifically optimizes your digestion of both protein and carbohydrates: two essential components of a healthy diet for athletes. If you are not digesting the protein and carbs you ingest, you cannot be getting their full benefits. Additionally, since Digesta-Lac can help relieve occasional gas, irregularity, and indigestion, this can keep you feeling your best through workouts and beyond. 

Men’s Health: Immune Support

No amount of training of eating right will keep you in top form if your immune system is not protecting you from getting sick. The best probiotics for men are able to support your immune system as well as your digestion.

How is the immune system related to probiotics? It’s because of the gut. While this may not be a well-known fact, the gut is actually the center of your immune system. This means that when you eat a diet that is healthy - including one that includes sufficient protein, fruits, vegetables and fiber - you can improve your immunity.

Not only that, but you can also help optimize your immune system through the right probiotic supplements. These supplements add healthy bacteria to your gut, where about 3/4ths of your immune cells live.

Natren’s Megadophilus and Healthy Trinity are the best choices for men looking to support a healthy immune system

Men’s Health: Mood Support

Beyond digestive support, which probiotics are known for, they can also promote a healthy mood. Men often choose Natren’s Megadophilus if they are looking for mood support along with enhanced digestive health.

Remember, it’s especially important not to be swayed by supplements blindly promising a better mood, improved performance, or increases in health. Marketing language is easy to write, but the top level of quality is much harder to achieve.

At Natren, when we tell you what our probiotics can do, you can trust us. We offer a potency guarantee for every strain in each probiotic we sell. The vast majority of probiotics you find on the store shelves cannot say the same thing.

While they may have had the strains they promise at one point, their manufacturing, packaging, and shipping likely do not live up to the standards Natren has in place.

Good bacteria die in bottles of lesser-quality probiotics all the time, and there is no way to know you are getting what you paid for, other than by choosing a brand you can truly trust. 

When men are looking for the best probiotic, it’s essential for your health that you not believe ploys like infomercials featuring retired athletes, bottles with pictures of bodybuilders, or unfounded claims.

Instead, the best probiotic for men will come from a trusted company with decades of true scientific research, and a founder & team who are committed to providing only the highest quality product. That is what you get when you choose Natren probiotics. 

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