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Best Probiotics for Seniors

We often talk about probiotics for newborns, children, and adults; but what about the best probiotics for seniors? After all, elderly people have somewhat different health concerns than people in other phases of their lives. To understand what are the best probiotics for elderly, it’s important to think about the health issues and goals that people have as they get older. Here are some of the most important wellness issues that many seniors have, or are hoping to avoid. Then we’ll look at the best probiotics for specific health goals for older adults.

Digestive Issues: Occasional Constipation

As we get older, it’s common to experience digestive issues. In fact, research shows that about 40% of older adults report at least one digestive problem. Among the most common issue for seniors is constipation. We know constipation is notorious for giving people discomfort, but constipation can be more than just an uncomfortable problem. Especially in older people, constipation can lead to dangerous impaction which can even result in perforation or death. Even in less severe cases, chronic constipation is still associated with a lower quality of life. One frustrating aspect of constipation in aging people is that although we know it is common, researchers have yet to identify definitive causes. Certainly, constipation can often be linked with lower water intake, lower fiber intake, less physical activity, medications, and a reduction in the speed that our bodies can move material through the intestines. Treating constipation can involve dietary changes as well as the help of probiotics.

Digestive Issues: Loose Stool

In addition to constipation, loose stool is another relatively frequent issue that quite a few seniors struggle with. Loose stool can be dangerous because it can lead to dizziness, weakness, and severe dehydration. This digestive issue can also have several causes including viruses, medication, bacteria, or food sensitivities.

The good news is that even if we cannot say exactly why someone has digestive problems, we can recommend ways to improve their digestive health. In addition to drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet high in fiber, one of the best probiotics for seniors is one that helps with digestive issues: Healthy Trinity. This probiotic combination can help optimize digestion, which in turn can give seniors a better chance at living a comfortable, energetic, healthy life. Another option to consider is Digesta-Lac, the third of the three steps in Natren’s founder’s recommendation for health. This probiotic is especially effective at combating digestive issues and promotes regularity. Whether a senior is dealing with constipation from diet or loose stool from medication, taking the right probiotic is a good step in optimizing their digestion.

Why Healthy Trinity is Best for Seniors

Healthy Trinity is a 3 step process that allows for the optimization of digestion as well as other health benefits. It is a proprietary blend of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. In addition to helping with digestion, Health Trinity can do the following for elderly adults:

Lower Irritation and Swelling

Another important property of the best probiotics for seniors is the ability to lower irritation. Irritation and swelling is commonly seen in older adults. This can be a result of health issues, but can also cause health issues. Research has linked chronic irritation and swelling to many medical problems including higher incidence of heart issues, joint pain, and breathing problems. A recent study showed older adults seeing some benefits and improvements after taking a trinity of probiotic strains. Specifically, the scientists said that the older adults taking the probiotics had microbial communities that “more closely resembled those reported in healthy younger populations.” This is good news for elderly who are working hard to maintain their health and being proactive about preventing future problems.

Strengthen Immunity

Many people do not realize that the gut is the center of our immune system. When you’re looking for the best probiotics for elderly, choosing a high quality and effective probiotic is a good way to optimize your immunity. Probiotics work by increasing the good bacteria in the gut, which in turn can support a strong immune system. It is well known that elderly people often have weakened immune systems which can leave them susceptible to life-threatening conditions. By supporting the immune system, probiotics like Megadophilus are some of the best probiotic choices for seniors. Megadophilus supplies healthy bacteria that reside in your small intestine. This is important because it is where the majority of digestion takes place. As with all of Natren products, the strain in Megadophilus comes with a 100% potency guarantee.

A Critical Factor in the Best Probiotics for Seniors

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in choosing a probiotic is to listen to marketing language instead of true science. There are many probiotic companies that target people looking for the lowest cost option, or those who do not know how to identify a quality probiotic. At Natren, we go above and beyond to ensure our probiotics for elderly are safe and effective. We guarantee the count of every strain in each of our probiotic supplements, and maintain the highest level of safety and quality assurance in our probiotic manufacturing process.

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