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How to Boost Kids’ Immune Systems

If you’re looking for how to boost kids’ immune systems, you’ve taken a good first step. Understanding the immune system, how it works, and how to best support it can lead you to take the right steps to protect your kids’ immune systems. Of course, all kids are going to get sick, it’s part of growing up. And remember that when kids get exposed to germs, this actually helps to strengthen their immune systems in the long run. However, that doesn’t mean you want to test your kids’ immune systems to see if they are able to fight off scary viruses and other invaders without help. Instead, you can boost your kids’ immune systems with the right probiotics, knowing that you’re doing everything you can to keep them healthy. These questions will help explain what an immune system is, how it is formed in kids, and what steps you can take to help them. 


What does an immune system do?

At the most basic level, the immune system protects the body. This includes essential tasks like forming scabs over cuts and fighting off viruses. It may seem as if your kid is “always” sick, but believe it or not - they likely have encountered way more germs than you know about. Many germs do not make kids sick, thanks to their immune systems. It’s easy to point to where your heart is located, or your brain. But do you know where your immune system is? Most kids (and most adults) do not. It’s actually in your gut. As weird as it may sound, the majority of everyone’s immune system is located in their gut. 


How do kids get an immune system?

When babies are first born, they are very vulnerable. While they do get their first dose of beneficial bacteria when they’re born (either vaginally or through C-Section), this doesn’t ensure the right bacteria is transferred from mother to baby. Newborn babies’ immune systems are just starting to form, and they have not been exposed to the germs and viruses that will slowly let them strengthen their protective mechanisms. Newborns also do not have the beneficial gut bacteria that are essential to a strong immune system. Because of this, their immune systems need substantial support during those early months. Bifidobacteria infantis has been found to be the most beneficial bacteria for newborns. 

Even if a baby is born vaginally and breastfed, extra support via beneficial bacteria is strongly recommended. Life Start allows newborns to get the good gut bacteria they need to have the strongest start at life. 

As babies grow, they develop a more well-rounded gut microbiome by eating the right foods and taking precision probiotics. Even though kids are facing uncountable numbers of germs every day, as parents you’re able to help boost your kids’ immune systems. 


How are kids' immune systems different from those of adults?

Kids’ immune systems are similar to those of adults in most ways. Just like adults, kids have immune systems that are located primarily in the digestive tract. Kids can even take the same precision probiotics as their parents (and grandparents!) because of the similarities in the way that good bacteria is the foundation of a strong, balanced immune response. 

Generally, it’s believed that as we get older, our immune systems get smarter and better understand how to fight off invaders. Although this changes when we’re seniors, adults tend to get credit for having the most effective immune systems (however, it’s important to remember this can become compromised by stress, lifestyle, diet, and environment). This is one reason people are looking for how to boost kids’ immune systems. The other reason you’ll want to boost kids’ immune systems is that they may be more likely to contract germs. In the school environment, kids tend to be very close together and share many items like pencils and snacks. They are not generally careful about washing their hands or following recommended protocols like sneezing into their elbow or walking away from people to cough. 


What are common risks to kids’ immune systems?

Often when you hear about illness, there’s a note that the “young and the elderly” are most at risk. This is because of the generally held understanding that the strength of our immune systems tracks like an upside-down U.  Immunity is weak near the beginning and end of our natural life cycle, and strongest in the middle. While we’ve seen exceptions to this, it is important to consider that most kids will lack the experienced immune responses that most adults have. For this reason, there are thousands of risks to kids’ immune systems that they encounter regularly. 


How can I boost my kids’ immune systems? 

It’s easy to think that a strong immune system is the goal. “The stronger the better,” right? But this is not true when it comes to immunity. In fact, many issues that kids have with immune response are due to an OVERactive immune system, instead of an under-active one. When you’re looking for ways to boost kids’ immune systems, you want to make sure that method promotes balanced responses. 


What probiotics are best for kids' immune systems?

When you’re looking for how to boost kids’ immune systems, the right precision probiotic can be a significant benefit. You do need to choose carefully though because the wrong probiotic can be useless - or even dangerous. Pick a probiotic company that guarantees 100% potency of every product it sells. While this can be hard to find, Natren absolutely makes this promise. Our potency guarantee means that each strain of bacteria found in all Natren precision probiotic products is guaranteed 100% through the expiry date. Unlike other companies that do not make this guarantee, Natren stands by its products for the health of your entire family.

For babies and young kids, we recommend Life Start. Then transition kids to the Healthy Start System. This provides 3 of Natren’s most beneficial bacteria strains. Healthy Start System gives you probiotics in powder form, which can be easily mixed into food like yogurt, for easy consumption. For those ages 8 and up, who are able to swallow capsules, Healthy Trinity is an effective and convenient option. 

Giving your kids the right beneficial bacteria is the best way to boost their immune systems. It’s important not to wait until they’re sick though - you absolutely want to be giving them a precision probiotic every day to build up strength over time. You wouldn’t lift weights one day, thinking you’ll be stronger by the next morning. The same is true for building up your immune system. Giving your kids (or yourself) the right probiotics now means their immune systems will be supported when they next need it. 



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