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Petbiotic FAQs

Q. What makes Natren animal probiotics superior to other animal probiotics currently on the market?

Q. Does Natren ship its animal probiotics refrigerated as they do its human probiotics?

Q. Why use amber glass bottles and tin lids while your competition only uses white plastic bottles for their powdered probiotics?

Q. Can my animal take probiotics with other medications?

Q. Can I give probiotics to my animal when he or she is on antibiotics or de-wormers?

Q. Just what are super strains?

Q. Can I use Natren probiotics if my dog has diarrhea?

Q. What are probiotics and direct fed microbials? Is there a difference?

Q. Aren’t all animal probiotics the same and why are Natren’s more expensive than others?

Q. Do you use FOS, inulin or chicory root in your probiotics?

Q. Does Natren guarantee its products?

Q. Why does my pet need probiotics?



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