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Month End Shipping Schedule until 3pm except Monday, September 25th

Monday,September 25,2017 -Normal shipping (12:30pm) UPS 2 Day for Wednesday delivery

Tuesday,September 26,2017 -Extended shipping (placed before 2:30pm PST) UPS 2 Day for Thursday delivery

Wednesday,September 27,2017 -Extended shipping (placed before 2:30pm PST) UPS 2 Day for Friday delivery

Thursday,September 28,2017 -Extended shipping (placed before 2:30pm PST) Overnights or Ground 1 for Friday delivery


September 20,2017:We are holding off on shipping to Puerto Rico. They are supposed to get hit hard by Hurricane Maria today!

Please click here to open the link regarding affected areas by Hurricane Maria

September 13,2017: The impacts of Hurricane Irma and Harvey have caused many service delays in shipping. It is our goal to ensure you are aware of the areas that have been affected. We have just been informed of zip codes that our carrier, UPS, is delivering to the majority of zip codes now with the exception of the following:

Florida - (33001,33036,33037,33040,33041,33042,33043,33045,33050,33051,33052,33070)

Georgia -(31304,31305,31319,31327,31331,31520,31521,31522,31523,31524,31525,31527,31547,31548,31558,31561,31565,31566,31568,31569).

Please click here to visit the shipping alert page of our carrier, UPS. As the storm approaches landfall, additional areas may be impacted. We will continue to give you the most up to date information as we receive it from our carrier, UPS. Please call Customer Service at 800-992-3323, Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm PST for any additional information. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you and we value your business.


A small $12.95 packaging charge will be added to all orders to cover the cost of a Styrofoam box and cold packs that act like a mini cooler box to keep the probiotics alive in transit through our free 2nd day delivery.

2nd Day orders are shipped on Monday, Tuesday if placed before 4:45am, and Wednesday if placed before 12pm Pacific Time. (No orders are shipped on Thursday or Friday)

Overnight orders are shipped on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday if placed before 4:45am Pacific Time (no orders are shipped on Friday)

For all International orders shipping fees will be calculated after an order is placed. You will be contacted by our representative with the shipping quote shortly after we receive your order. Please call 1-805-371-4737 Ext. 2148 for more information.