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Best Probiotic for Smoothies

Many people are putting more focus on making themselves healthy meals at home. This is smart for several reasons. First, most of us live in areas where we’ve been encouraged - or required - to quarantine. Even when the immediate threat of COVID-19 has passed, there will be a new emphasis on maintaining some social distance. Second of all, making your own food at home is almost always a cost-effective choice. And finally, when you make your own food you know that you are controlling what goes into your body.

One of the items that we love making at home is a smoothie. Not only can you get a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables into your diet, but smoothies also can taste great. You can get a substantial amount of variety into your smoothies by using seasonal ingredients and testing new combinations. Beyond the typical ingredients, we also encourage you to add the best probiotic for smoothies into your creations. The right probiotics not only help to optimize your health, but can support you in several important ways:

Supporting you in achieving or maintaining a healthy weight

Probiotics act in the gut. Of course, a healthy gut can optimize your digestion, but do you know why that matters? One important reason to support your digestion is that this can play a role in your weight. The right probiotic can aid in the digestion of carbs, protein, and dairy. When your body is fully digesting the healthy foods you eat, you get more benefit from them. A diversity of good bacteria in the gut has been found to correlate with a leaner body weight. Furthermore, obesity is correlated with less diversity of healthy bacteria. A smoothie can be a nutritious snack full of vitamins and fiber, that’s made even better with the addition of the right probiotic to deliver healthy bacteria to your gut. 

Supporting a strong immune system

Another benefit of eating well - including making smoothies - is the ability to support a healthy immune system. Because the foundation of your immune system is in your gut, adding healthy bacteria to the gut can create a stronger defense system to fight off viruses, infections, and harmful bacteria. Instead of turning to probiotics after you’re feeling ill, we recommend working probiotics into your daily routine to help support your overall health. 

Ingredients for a healthy smoothie

While our focus is on the best probiotic for smoothies, there are certain foods we love using in our smoothies:

No matter what ingredients you choose for your smoothie, you can improve it by including a probiotic that supports your health in several ways. 

Best probiotic for smoothies 

When you’re looking to add a probiotic to your smoothies, we recommend Digesta-Lac because of its ability to help digest protein. In addition, Digesta-Lac supports a slightly acidic environment that is important for good intestinal health. Another important property of Digesta-Lac is its ability to support the digestion of dairy products by assisting with lactose metabolism.

You can purchase Digesta-Lac in powder form to add directly to your smoothie. We recommend stirring your probiotic powder into your smoothie, after blending. 

Eating well is one of the most important choices you can make for your health. A well-rounded diet does not have to be boring. It should include as much of a variety of grains, fruits, and vegetables as you can find.

Smoothies are a particularly good way to squeeze several servings of produce into your day. They’re also a perfect way to get picky eaters to enjoy a healthy alternative to ice cream or sugary drinks. Beyond using good ingredients, a great way to increase the value of your smoothies is to add Digesta-Lac.  

In addition to adding a probiotic to your smoothie, we encourage you to consider Healthy Trinity, a probiotic supplement that combines our most popular probiotics into a convenient capsule. While there are many probiotic options, Natren stands out as a company that is truly committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality, and safest probiotics.

Our supplements are microbiologically pure and guaranteed to have 100% potency of each strain of good bacteria. You can view all our probiotics here.


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