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Non GMO probiotics

When you’re looking for the right probiotics to take, one consideration we hear from many people is that they would prefer non GMO probiotics. We agree, and that’s why all the supplements at Natren are non GMO probiotics. To understand why we’ve made the choice to only offer non GMO supplements, we’ll review what GMOs are, why we do not allow any GMO ingredients into our products, and how to choose the best non GMO probiotics

What are GMOs?

A GMO is a genetically modified organism. They are any living thing like a plant, animal, or bacteria, that is not naturally occurring. While GMOs have been around for a long time, you’ve likely heard about them primarily in the past few years as awareness has increased. Today, many food companies label their products as “Non GMO” when applicable. This makes it easier for health conscious consumers to find products they want. On the contrary, though, products with GMOs rarely state that on the label. Why don’t they? Because there are not forced to, and they know that some consumers would reject any product with GMOs. There are some new labeling laws for food products, so expect to start seeing indications of genetically engineered food in the next year or two. Since the recent GMO labeling regulations do not apply to probiotics, you will still need to shop carefully if you want non GMO probiotics. If a company does not state “non GMO” on their labels, there’s a good chance you are getting GMO probiotics. 

Why are people worried about GMOs?

From the definition alone, you can see why many people are concerned about GMOs. They are genetically modified to create something that does not naturally occur. While this does not guarantee that GMOs are dangerous, it certainly leaves significant uncertainty about what has been created and how it will affect us. At Natren, we believe it’s always a good idea to work with what we already see in nature. This is the same reason we do not believe in soil-based probiotics: they take bacteria that is not naturally found in humans, and introduce it into the body. We do not believe this upholds the safe and natural precision probiotic bacteria values we stand for. 

Why do some probiotics have GMOs?

The Non GMO Project ranks micro-organisms like bacteria and yeast, as the highest risk level. Probiotics that have GMOs are likely made by companies that don’t care as much about what consumers are asking for. They certainly will not advertise that their probiotics contain GMOs, but consider this: many consumers won’t spend the time or energy on researching or contacting the company to find out. The companies that put GMOs in their probiotics, likely do this to save themselves money. It can be cheaper to use widely available, genetically modified ingredients. But if you’re looking for the best quality available, you probably won’t be happy unless you are taking non GMO probiotics. 

Is it possible to have non GMO probiotics?

Yes, it absolutely is possible to have non GMO probiotics, and Natren Probiotics are proof of that. It takes a commitment to excellence and quality - even over considerations like profit margins - to be able to provide non GMO probiotics. When probiotic companies choose how to source the strains of bacteria they use, and any other ingredients they want to use in their supplements, they follow their own set of standards. At Natren, those standards include no soy, gluten, or GMOs. We believe that decision is essential to earning the trust of our health-conscious customers. 

Other probiotics companies may not believe it is worth the cost or energy to be able to say they have non GMO probiotics. Could you save a few dollars with their products? Maybe. But is your health worth those nominal savings? We don’t think so. 

What are the best non GMO probiotics?

The best non GMO probiotics depend on what exactly you’re looking for. Here are a few of our top recommendations:

When you’re looking for the best non GMO probiotics, you’re looking for a company that makes products you can trust wholeheartedly. Natren is committed to the highest standards of quality and safety, and is proud to make non GMO probiotics that prioritize science over sales, and quality over quantity. You can learn about all of Natren’s probiotics at


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