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Best Probiotics for Flu Season

The flu season is quickly approaching. This year is particularly concerning because of how rampant COVID-19 is projected to be. Healthcare professionals are concerned that when people get the flu, they may cause an overwhelming burden to an already taxed healthcare system. In the 2019 season, according to CDC estimates, over 35 million people got the flu and 16 million of them needed to see a healthcare provider for their illness. There is some hope that the recent focus on wearing masks and washing hands may somewhat reduce the spread of the flu this year, but it is still expected to affect millions and kill potentially tens of thousands. 

Keep in mind that even though we often call it ‘flu season’ there are plenty of other illnesses that are prevalent during this time of year. For instance, while the common cold is annoying but relatively harmless to most, it can also be dangerous to newborns and people with weaker immune systems. When you have a cold, it can tire out your body. This can lead to the immune system getting overtaxed, and bacteria can settle in the lungs leading to pneumonia. Pneumonia can be responsible for about 50,000 deaths per year in the US. 

Even more important than understanding the facts around flu season, is understanding what steps you can take to optimize your health. No matter what illnesses you’re hoping to prevent, a strong immune system is a key factor. Even if you do get sick, a stronger immune system may help you fight off the illness more quickly, or experience less severe symptoms. Finding the best probiotic for the flu season is one of the easiest steps you can take, to support your health. 

How do you strengthen your immune system for the flu season?

There are a few important ways to protect yourself from illness including eating well, getting plenty of rest, and getting vaccines when appropriate. However, the one we want to focus on today is a method of supplementing the ‘heart’ of your immune system (your gut) by choosing the best probiotic for flu season

Why would a probiotic be important for flu season?

Probiotics are important because they deliver good bacteria where you need it the most. Good bacteria may sound like an oxymoron, like ‘jumbo shrimp’ or ‘only choice’. That’s because many people hear the word bacteria and they assume we’re talking about something that’s bad for your health. However, this is a misunderstanding. While some bacteria are dangerous, others are essential to good health. Good bacteria act as a defense mechanism in your body. They take up room, limiting the available space where bad bacteria could live. Additionally, they can help your body digest food, making those essential nutrients more available. Your digestive system is essential in keeping you from getting sick. The positive power of good bacteria makes them one of the most important ways to support your health. What’s even better, is that when you choose to support your health with a quality probiotic, you can get unexpected GOOD side effects, instead of bad ones. For instance, probiotics are linked to regularity since they support healthy bowel function. 

Why is the digestive system so tied to a strong immune system?

The digestive system is actually the heart of your immune system. In fact, while you may think of your intestines as organs that work on digesting your food, you should also think of them as the organs where most of your immune system resides. The intestines are lined with real estate where bacteria can reside. Good or bad bacteria can live in these places, and your immune health can be strongly affected by how many good vs bad bacteria you have. When good bacteria take up most of the room in your digestive tract, they’re able to better fight off things that can make you sick. 

Why are probiotics important for the digestive system?

It is true that you can get some good bacteria into your body by eating well. However, it is almost impossible to get the same value as you can from the best probiotic. While the right  food can deliver some healthy bacteria, probiotics allow specific strains that have been specially chosen to be delivered to the right places in your digestive system using innovative technology. The best probiotics for flu season will deliver substantially more important bacteria to your digestive system as compared to food products - even those advertised as probiotic drinks or yogurt.

What’s the best probiotic for flu season?

When you’re looking to choose the best probiotic for you and your family this flu season, keep in mind that a lot of the probiotics you see on the shelf are lower quality. Many of them prioritize marketing over science, and flashy packaging over excellence. At Natren, you’ll find decades of commitment to creating and providing the best bacteria supplements to support your health. We recommend you start with Natren’s Healthy Trinity for the flu season. Healthy Trinity is a three-in-one precision probiotic that supports digestive health, which can optimize your immune system. What does it mean to be a precision probiotic? A precision probiotic is one that puts science before marketing, is microbiologically pure (no GMOs, soy, gluten, or other impurities), is produced in small batches to allow for quality over quantity, and is effective. When you understand what a precision probiotic is, you understand why Natren customers won’t choose any other brand.

Healthy Trinity delivers a minimum of 30 billion colony forming units of 3 potent, super strains of healthy bacteria. These strains were chosen by our founder and scientific team, and are backed by decades of research and experience. Additionally, you can feel good about knowing these bacteria are guaranteed to survive through the expiration date. That’s because of our unique proprietary Trenev Process®, which ensures the survivability and stability of the good bacteria you need. Our cutting-edge technology uses an oil-matrix system to coat each of the three super strains of healthy bacteria to keep them virtually 100% protected from the stomach's gastric juices.

This winter is projected to be especially scary, but with the best probiotic for the flu season, you can feel good about taking an important step towards optimizing and supporting your health. Visit to learn more about Healthy Trinity, or to choose from our wide variety of the best probiotics for you and your family. 


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