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Best Powder Probiotics

Have you seen how many different probiotic options there are online and in stores these days? It seems like every week, a new brand or type of probiotic has popped up. While we’re in a winter that makes our health even more of a priority than usual, you might be particularly interested in seeing how a probiotic can contribute to your health goals. But how do you choose the right probiotic? What are the differences in brands? And do you want a capsule or a powder? We’ll give you a primer on choosing a probiotic for you and your family. Today we’re going to focus specifically on powder supplements, so we’ll also talk about how to find the best powder probiotics

Probiotics 101: What is “Good Bacteria”?

The first question most of our new customers want to understand is how can bacteria actually be good for you? This is not a stupid question at all. Almost everything we read, see in the media, or have learned from our parents is about the dangers of bad bacteria. It is true that there are substantial amounts of bad bacteria that you want to protect you and your family from, every day.  However, there are lesser known good bacteria that are incredibly important to your health - even if you don’t know it. 

Probiotics deliver good bacteria strains to where you most need them, generally your digestive system. These good bacteria have several important benefits:

You can get benefit from probiotics no matter what form they’re in, as long as that probiotic comes from a reputable company with potency guarantees and the correct shipping and storage methods. Since some people prefer their probiotics in powder form, let’s look at the difference that form can make, and answer some common questions. 

Can you guarantee the potency of good bacteria if it comes in a powder probiotic?

Absolutely. Whether the healthy bacteria is delivered in a capsule or powder format, does not affect the ability to guarantee its potency. But there is a very important factor to consider when you’re looking for a potency guarantee. Some probiotic companies only guarantee the potency of the bacteria the day the supplement is manufactured. How does that do you any good? What you need is a potency guarantee through the expiration date of the supplement. That’s how you know your probiotic is coming from a company with true commitment to excellence. Natren Precision Probiotics guarantee the potency of every one of the strains in our best powder probiotics through the expiration dates. 

Are powder probiotics better than capsules?

Whether probiotic powders are better than probiotic capsules really depends on your personal preference. Powders are great for someone who wants to take an active role in figuring out what amount and combinations of probiotics works best for them. Probiotics in powder form give you more control over exactly how much of each supplement you take each day. 

Can children take a powder probiotic?

Yes, children and even infants can take powder probiotics. This form makes the good bacteria especially easy to give, because you can mix the powder into yogurt, applesauce, or non-acidic juices. You can also mix the probiotic with a little bit of breastmilk for newborns. 

Are powder probiotics safe for babies?

Some powder probiotics are safe for babies, and some we would not recommend. What’s the difference? The difference is really in looking at what company made the probiotics. You need to know that your baby’s probiotic powder comes from a company that goes far above and beyond the required safety standards, has put decades of research into probiotics, and guarantees probiotics that are microbiologically pure. This is exactly what you get from Natren Precision Probiotics, but not from most probiotic companies. If a company does not live up to Natren’s standards, it’s not necessarily the type of company you want to trust with your baby’s health. 

Best powder probiotics

Natren is proud to offer a range of the most popular probiotics in powder form. These leading powder probiotics include:

Life Start - which contains essential healthy bacteria for newborns, especially those born via C-section. Life Start is also great for pregnant moms, and babies through their toddler years. For those who prefer an alternative form of milk, Life Start is available in a version made with goat milk. Finally, this powder probiotic also comes in a vegan form for those who prefer to limit dairy, or whose bodies do not respond well to milk.

Megadophilus which is one of Natren’s most popular probiotics because of its long history of supporting healthy digestion, and in turn a strong immune system. The good bacteria in Megadophilus line the walls of the small intestines, providing digestive support and protection from bad bacteria. 

Bifido Factor which, like Megadophilus, supports healthy digestion but works primarily in the large intestines. Bifido Factor supports colon health and the production of B vitamins. 

Digesta-Lac which provides transient bacteria - those that travel with your food through the digestive system. Among other benefits, Digesta-Lac works to promote optimal digestion of dairy, protein, and carbohydrates. 

Healthy Start System which contains 3 of Natren’s most popular and beneficial powder probiotics: Megadophilus, Bifido Factor, and Digesta-Lac. Our Healthy Start System allows you to customize the best powder probiotics regimen for your particular needs. 

When you’re looking for the best powder probiotics, Natren is the source to trust. From our potency guarantee to our impeccable standards, Natren Precision Probiotics has the probiotics that you and your family will appreciate. You can learn more about all our powder probiotics here


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