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Multistrain News

World Renowned Probiotic Expert, Professor Gregor Reid agrees with Natasha's long standing premise that multi-strain probiotics aren't better than one, two or three strains

April 2, 2014

  • Probiota 2014, Amsterdam- Professor Reid commented that little is known about the way different species of bacteria interact because some strains inhibit the activity of others when placed together.
  • He stated that "The tendency is 'let's have 15 strains...let's have 28 billion', "you've got to know what they're doing. Are they really having an impact”.   He questions what is the point of putting them in the same container if the strains inhibit one another.
  • Professor Reid is one of the leading experts in the field of probiotics. He is a Professor at the University of Western Ontario, but more impressively he has been the chairperson of the United Nations World Health Organization Expert Panel and Working Group on Probiotics.

This is a great wake-up call for the health food industry and we hope that other probiotic suppliers take note of these comments. (Gray. Know what you are putting in your probiotic, urges probiotic Prof. Neutraceuticals. 2014)

Read Myth #3 and learn why multi-strain probiotics aren't better than targeted single strain probiotics .


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