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Traveling with Probiotics

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, across the state or around the world, before you pack your bags, call Natren. A Natren Probiotic Consultant will help you choose the best probiotic supplement for travel and for your daily needs. Why take probiotics? Possible benefits of probiotics include:

  1. Regularity*
  2. Digestion of carbs and proteins*
  3. Support against occasional gas*
  4. General wellness*


We suggest you take only the quantity of probiotics you will be using. A good guideline is to treat your live probiotics as you would a fresh dairy product for optimum probiotic benefits:

  1. Wrap the container containing your probiotic cultures in several layers of aluminum foil, and place in a sealable plastic bag to guard the live bacteria against moisture and light.
  2. Place in an insulated bag (for example, a lunch box) with a cold pack.
  3. Immediately upon arrival, transfer the probiotics to a refrigerator or keep in a cool, dark place such as in a closet or near an A/C unit.

If the above guidelines prove too much to follow, you can also place the probiotic capsules (or probiotic powder) in a freezer-quality, sealable plastic bag and keep at the bottom of your purse or bag (not your pocket) and with you at all times until you reach a refrigerator.

Natren probiotics are formulated at a much higher potency than stated on the label.
All recommendations for traveling with probiotic supplements are intended for temporary storage and maintenance of live probiotics, not long term. It is better to take your probiotics on your trip with you, even under less than ideal circumstances (refrigeration not available) than it is to not take your probiotics at all.

Disclaimer: Check with your airline before traveling, as all airlines have different regulations for carry-on items.


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