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Probiotics, or Direct Fed Microbials (DFMs), are live, beneficial bacteria. When given to animals in sufficient quantities they may have positive health effects. The intestine, particularly the large intestine, is inhabited by a diverse population of bacteria that perform a variety of functions which contribute to digestive equilibrium. A normal intestinal bacterial flora is helpful in maintaining general health and wellness of the animal.

By providing a probiotic to an animal's daily feed regimen, it is possible to boost levels of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract of an animal and keep its microflora balanced for the best health of the animal.

When used daily, probiotics or direct fed microbials can support intestinal health and help maintain intestinal flora

A special note about packaging and storage of probiotics of direct fed microbials: the correct packaging is the key to the effectiveness of "live" beneficial bacteria. Probiotics have a finite shelf life and are acutely affected by light, heat and moisture. Light, heat and moisture kill the live bacteria. To prevent that from happening, Natren stores its small-quantity, powdered probiotics in amber glass bottles with metal lids. That is the only way to effectively stop light and moisture from killing the live bacteria.

Natren refrigerates its probiotic products from manufacture through delivery. This effectively puts the living beneficial bacteria in suspended animation, to be awakened when you need it. It is the only way to guarantee that Natren products get to arrive at full potency. The majority of animal probiotics sold today are sold in white plastic containers and stored at room temperature. White plastic containers do not block the harmful rays of light or prevent moisture from seeping into the containers. So when you walk into a pet store or order online, what you get is largely dead bacteria. The Natren manufacturing plant has International Drug GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification and uses only the highest pharmaceutical standards during the manufacturing process.

Natren uses only super strains specifically chosen for their efficacy. After you have seen how other companies manufacture, store, package and sell their probiotics, you are left with only one logical choice and that is Natren animal probiotics and direct fed microbials.



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