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Best Probiotic for 2020

It is inevitable that 2020 will be remembered, in part, for COVID-19. Despite the tragedy of this virus, there will likely be a few silver linings that we can look back on. One of those may be an increased focus on building a healthy immune system so each one of us has a better chance of fighting off germs - anything from the common cold to something as scary as the coronavirus.

This is why we believe that the best probiotic for 2020 is one that supports a healthy gut and, in turn, a strong immune system. We’ll explain what makes Healthy Trinity our pick for the best probiotic of 2020, and the way good bacteria plays such a big role in our immune systems. 

An unexpected pairing: the gut & the immune system

Where do you think the immune system is located? It’s easy to point out the brain, heart, lungs, and the veins that run through our bodies. But have you ever wondered where exactly your immune system is located within your body? In many ways it is not as simple as pointing out an organ like the brain, but we do know where the foundation and majority of your immune system is located: it’s in your gut.

This is truly a surprise to many people who imagine that the gut’s only job is to digest food and pass waste out of the body. However, the truth is that you have trillions of microorganisms in your body that play a strong role in your immunity. Most of them live in your gut. These microorganisms are even smaller than cells, but because you have so many of them, they make up about several pounds of your body weight.  

The microorganisms in your gut include healthy bacteria as well as unhealthy bacteria. Healthy bacteria is essential to a well-functioning immune system. Even though bacteria have a reputation for making us sick, it’s really only the “bad” bacteria that do that. There are many strains of good bacteria that live in our guts and act as a defense against us getting sick. 

Boosting gut health

Understanding that the gut is the center of the immune system likely leads to the next question: how do I boost my gut health? There are several ways to support a healthy gut, like eating healthy and whole foods, staying well hydrated, and avoiding antibiotics when they’re not needed. But one of the best ways that anyone can support a healthy gut is by choosing a top probiotic to add to their health regimen.

A probiotic’s job is to deliver specially selected healthy bacteria to your gut. These strains of good bacteria can help your body to increase its “army” of protectors who can help to fight off viruses and bad bacteria. Even someone who has primarily healthy bacteria in their gut can benefit from reinforcements. After all, the bacteria in our bodies get eliminated regularly, thus the need to continually supply our guts with more healthy bacteria. Eating the right foods like whole grains, yogurt, and vegetables can be a good step in the right direction, as can taking a probiotic to ensure you’re getting the right diversity of bacteria into your gut. Our pick for the best probiotic for 2020 allows you to do just that. 

Best probiotic for 2020: Health Trinity

This is not the time to skimp on quality or safety. With all we are facing in 2020, you want a probiotic that is extremely well researched; manufactured and shipped with the highest priority given to safety and quality, made by a company you can trust. That probiotic is Healthy Trinity, made by Natren.

Healthy Trinity is a combination of 3 supplements, each one researched and developed by probiotic industry leaders. While you can take each part of Healthy Trinity alone, we suggest our convenient combination for a comprehensive probiotic routine. Healthy Trinity is made up of 3 of Natren’s most popular supplements:

  1. Megadophilus is the first part of Healthy Trinity. Megadophilus is an essential component of our choice for the best probiotic for 2020 because of its ability to support a strong immune system. The primary benefits of this supplement come from its ability to act in the small intestine. While often we picture the small intestine as a foundation of the digestive system, it is also the foundation of a lot of our immune system. This is because it’s the location where most of our digestion takes place. 
  2. Bifido Factor is the second part of Healthy Trinity. While Megadophilus focuses on the small intestine, Bifido Factor supports the large intestines. The healthy bacteria in this part of our combination is called Bifidobacterium bifidum. Supporting the healthy functioning of the large intestine is particularly important because of its job in removing waste from our bodies. 
  3. Digesta-Lac is the third part in our 3-step system. Instead of acting primarily in one part of the digestive tract, Digesta-Lac acts throughout the digestive system. This allows for the support of digestion and immunity, especially when acting in combination with Megadophilus and Bifido Factor.  

Why you can trust Natren

As we’re fighting to regain or maintain our health in 2020, a focus on quality is imperative. In the world of probiotics, you will find an extensive range of quality from the products on store shelves and the internet. It can be hard to know who to trust, but Natren is one of the few - if any - companies who can say the following:

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