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Natren's Mission Statement

To Educate – Natren founder Natasha Trenev coined the term “probiotics.” She and her husband Yordan Trenev founded the entire food, dietary supplement and nutraceutical category of Probiotics. Today, Natasha and her company remain committed to informing the public as to the history, science and applications of Probiotics – and to share the realities of why the body needs strategic supplementation of true super-strain probiotics to achieve proper results. 

To Research – Natren built its robust business and its unparalleled probiotics product lines through meticulous, unmatched research and development in their private on-location laboratory  and continues to lead the industry in research aimed at perfecting the cultivation of friendly bacteria to defend against  ill health that is prevalent everywhere.

To Cultivate – Natren cultivates its beneficial bacteria through a stringent proprietary quality control process that begins with the selection of the most scientifically-researched species and strains, culminating in the manufacture of the world’s gold standard of unique probiotics under the watchful eye of the company’s team of scientists.

To Manufacture – Natren ranks as the sole Probiotics company that maintains its own pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility located in Southern California where the entire cultivation and manufacture process occurs in a thermally controlled environment maintaining the all-important cold chain of custody throughout.

To Deliver – Natren is the pioneering force in Probiotics, focused on delivering the highest quality beneficial bacteria backed by decades of testing that guarantees potency all the way through ingestion.  Its oil matrix delivery system is unparalleled in protecting the probiotic bacteria through stomach acid and delivering more live probiotic organisms to the GI Tract.  The natural bile resistance of its probiotic strains ensures more actual survivability in the intestinal tract where it needs to function as a force of good for the health of the body.

To Remain the Probiotics Pioneering Leader – Natren technology  uses  the exclusive  manufacturing process to maintain the indispensible supernatant in its single strain probiotic products to increase health benefits of the strains to the end user by up to 50%.  This requires its constant refrigeration to maintain healthy potency – and the first in the world to launch cold-packed shipping of probiotics in thermally-controlled packaging to provide the ultimate protection for the probiotic organisms to survive in a healthy and unstressed state.

To Always Support Our Customers – Natren exists to help bring health to our customers – and to ensure that our probiotics contribute towards the customized health strategy of our customers by maintaining a staff of in-house probiotic consultants.


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