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6 Reasons You Should Be Very Cautious When Buying Cheaper Store-Bought Probiotics

Not All Store Bought Probiotics are Equal

Have you ever wondered how most cheaper store-bought probiotics compare to pharmaceutical grade probiotics, like those produced by Natren? It’s a good question, because there are significant differences that we will show you when we discuss why you should be incredibly careful when buying cheaper store-bought probiotics.

The quality of your probiotics is paramount, and not all products are created equally. You don’t want to waste your time and money on products that don’t provide you with the benefits you’re looking for.

While you may be tempted to pick some up cheaper probiotics at your local grocery or drugstore, do not be fooled by a sea of labels that ‘look good enough’. The vast majority of probiotics you find on store shelves should be avoided.

Here are 6 important reasons why you should be extremely careful when choosing store-bought probiotics.

1. They May Not be Microbiologically Pure

When you buy cheaper probiotics from a store, there is no guarantee that they are microbiologically pure. What does it mean for a probiotic to be microbiologically pure? It means that your products include what you are paying for.

At Natren our products contain what we say they do and nothing else. Natren goes above and beyond by including the full name of the genus and species of the strains in our products, as well as the name of the strain itself. This is how you know what you are actually getting, instead of being swayed by marketing language.

2. Many Store-Bought Probiotics May be Contaminated

Studies have shown that a shocking percentage of supplements from stores are contaminated. While you are probably expecting that the probiotics for sale in stores are pure and uncontaminated, you have no guarantee.

The contaminants that have been found in probiotics in stores include gluten, disease-causing fungus, unlabeled ingredients, and more. In fact, it is believed that contaminated probiotics lead to the death of an infant in 2014. 

Contaminants in store-bought probiotics may interfere with the intended benefits and cause allergic reactions or serious illness.


3. They May Not Have Sufficient Refrigeration

When you buy probiotics at a store, even if they are refrigerated at the time, you have no confirmation that those products have had adequate temperature control at all times.

The truth is that without the appropriate level of temperature regulation, probiotics can die. Taking probiotics where many of the cultures are dead, is likely not going to be able to give you the benefits you are looking for.

Probiotics that do not have extensive controls in place to ensure appropriate temperature controls are at significant risk of not delivering what they promise.

For example, to improve aspects of the digestive process, a probiotic like our Bifido Factor is a great option.

Would this same product work without appropriate temperature controls? No, it would not. Some cheaper store-bought probiotics may look safe because they are in a refrigerator at the store. However, keep in mind that a refrigerator cannot, in any way, restore the potency of probiotics that die.

Natren’s probiotics are a better choice because we ensure vigorous quality control to keep the product under continuous refrigeration at our state of the art facility.

Furthermore, our thermal packaging is the best in the industry and is designed to protect the integrity of every Natren probiotic product.

When our products are sold in a store, we ensure that the handling and storing of Natren products are managed with the highest level of care.

4. Lack of Potency Guarantee

If you buy probiotics from Natren, you get a potency guarantee. It’s important to understand that we guarantee the potency of each strain listed in each bottle, until the expiration date on the bottle.

This is critical because many store-bought probiotics may list a potency, but only guarantee that potency when the probiotic is bottled. This does not mean the potency is the same by the time you consume the probiotic.

The reality is you may have lost a substantial amount of the power of probiotics when you take one that was bought at a store. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if most store-bought probiotics have lost potency.

The only way to be sure you are getting the highest quality and the potency you were promised is to buy a probiotic that guarantees each specific potency through the expiration date, like Natren’s probiotics.

For instance, each serving of our Digesta-Lac provides a minimum of 2 billion colony forming units (cfu) of Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB-51 transient super strain. With Natren you can rest assured that our potency is guaranteed to the standards of excellence that matter for you.

Our commitment to rigorous quality standards is far above and beyond that which is required, and that which most store-bought probiotics conform to.

5. You Don’t Know Who Makes Them

Your probiotics can only be as good as the team behind them. When you use cheaper store-bought probiotics, you do not know who has performed the research and science behind these products.

On the other hand, Natren probiotics are backed by over 35 years of scientific research, testing, and formulation. One of our most popular probiotics, Healthy Trinity, was developed through many decades of research and the vast majority of store-bought probiotics cannot make that claim.

Probiotics are our only focus, our founder has dedicated her life to ensuring our continued quality and excellence. To read about how our quality and team have made the best probiotics available, please visit our customer testimonials here.

6. You Don’t Know Where They Were Made

Where was your probiotic made? If you buy it at a store, you may never know. On the other hand, when you purchase Natren probiotics you know exactly where they were made and what quality standards we follow.

The place your probiotics are made may not sound important, but it is a pivotal factor in the quality of these supplements.

At Natren, we make our probiotics in a state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical grade facility that adheres to the most stringent of quality standards.

Natren probiotics, including our line of superior-quality probiotics for animals, are proudly made in the USA.

Why Choose Natren?

If you are looking for cheaper probiotics, could you find them at a store? Yes, you may be able to. But there are so many reasons to avoid most store-bought probiotics.

If you dismiss the risks for the idea of saving money, but end up without a potent, safe, quality product - you are wasting your money.

Instead, to get the most benefit from probiotics, choose to buy from a company that is a leader in the probiotic industry and has extensive safeguards in place to protect you.

Natren’s probiotics are microbiologically pure, contaminant-free, and backed by a team of true probiotic experts.


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