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Probiotics on a Budget

The owner and founder of Natren probiotics, Natasha Trenev, believes in quality, quality, and quality. Natasha herself ensures that you are getting the Gold Standard of probiotic supplements from Natren®. Be assured that Natren label declarations about potency and colony forming unit (CFU) amount are verified by laboratory testing audited by a third party.

Many other probiotic supplements list a "cocktail" of bacteria, but not specific bacteria strains for each one, and they don't guarantee the potency past the date of manufacture. Rather than comparing the variety of bacteria, what you should be considering is what live bacteria you actually get by the time of consumption. Natren uses only select strains of bacteria developed to deliver the best probiotic benefits for improved health.*

As with most things, you get what you pay for with probiotic supplements. In order to keep all three super "good bacteria" strains alive and non-competitive, Natren proprietary technology micro-enrobes them in a unique oil matrix. This process is costly but extremely effective, providing a superior delivery system for the beneficial bacteria. To deliver the full dose of live bacteria, Natren uses only protective dark glass bottles with metal lids (plastic bottles are less expensive, but can be permeated by moisture, heat and light). We keep our probiotic supplements refrigerated until they leave the manufacturing plant, and then ship them in insulated boxes with cold packs or dry ice (during the summer months). These packing materials add to the final cost, but guarantee the potency and full probiotic benefits of the product.


Natasha Trenev has dedicated more than 30 years to the scientific research and development of high potency probiotics. Natren probiotics are made from natural ingredients and do not contain artificial colors or flavors.* Natren and Natren's authorized distributors keep the probiotic products refrigerated continuously in their stocking areas, and ship with freezer bricks or dry ice in insulated boxes (during summer months). This can be confusing, as many assume we ship in thermally controlled boxes only during the summer, rather than year-round. In reality we need to add dry ice to the ice bricks in the summer months, which further adds to our cost.

All this extra care, though costly, is essential for the survival of the good bacteria. Additionally, when you purchase directly from Natren, you get fresh, new probiotics for which you have a guarantee of potency for the full life span of the bacteria. Natren probiotic supplements are potency-guaranteed through the expiration date (for each bacterial strain) printed on the bottle.

If a non-authorized distributor buys in bulk, keeps the probiotic supplement in a hot warehouse for months, and ships without cold packs or insulation, it can cut their costs, but you may be buying a compromised probiotic product with reduced live bacteria and probiotic benefits.


Natren Probiotic Consultants are specifically trained in how to optimize the health benefits of probiotics, while still keeping your order affordable and manageable. While we do believe that everyone should take a high-quality probiotic supplement daily, you can stretch your budget and still gain probiotic benefits with an every-other-day regimen. Call today to speak with a Natren Probiotic Consultant about ways to experience the advantages of probiotics and achieve improved health while also watching your wallet.

Natren is a signatory to the PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention / Scheme, Geneva Switzerland). Forty four countries are signatories to this international convention, including America's Food and Drug Administration. This international certification process mirrors pharmaceutical guidelines, and is very stringent to assure quality is built into products every step of the way. We know of no other custom probiotic company that has this certification.


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