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Best Probiotics for Men Over 50

As a stereotype, some men are notoriously bad at taking care of their health. However, we have many customers who are men and are truly looking for ways to optimize their health. In particular, we see men over 50 asking about the best probiotics to help them support digestion and other aspects of their overall health. There are quite a few probiotics that men can choose from, but we’ll show you several of the ones we consider the best probiotics for men over 50

Strengthening Immunity

One consideration for men over 50 is the strength of their immune systems. The focus on staying healthy these days is a much higher priority for many people who realized they weren’t previously as focused on their immune health as they would like to be. The immune system is centered in the gut, so our digestive health is strongly linked with our immune health. While this may sound surprising and is a fact that many people do not know, it’s important to note that the majority of the good bacteria in our bodies lives in the intestines. These good bacteria play an important role in helping to fight off ‘bad guys’ like viruses, and in helping to protect a person from being susceptible to illness. 

Megadophilus is one of the best probiotics for men over 50, especially for those who want to focus on optimizing their immune systems. Megadophilus® is a Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic product which supports the small intestine. It’s important that Lactobacillus acidophilus in Megadophilus resides primarily along the small intestine because that is where most of our digestive process takes place. We offer a dairy and non-dairy version of Megadophilus, as well as the choice of powder form or capsule. 

Lowering Inflammation

Another important consideration for many men over 50 is the ability to lower inflammation. Inflammation is far more than a swollen knee that we may think about when we hear the term. Inflammation can happen throughout the body, regardless of whether we can see it, and it can cause substantial health problems. For example, chronic inflammation has been linked to higher incidence of pain in joints, issues with breathing, and heart problems. There is research indicating that some probiotics may help support a reduction in inflammation. For example, this study showed that older adults saw some improvements in their inflammatory profile, after taking a trinity of probiotic strains. 

Natren offers a 3-in-1 probiotic called Healthy Trinity, which is one of the best probiotics for men over 50. Natren Healthy Trinity is a combination of 3 bacteria super strains: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. This is a particularly convenient probiotic option because we have done the work of combining a variety of healthy and superior bacteria strains into an easy-to-take capsule and part of your daily routine. 

Supporting Healthy Digestion

The best probiotic for men over 50 will support healthy digestion. Older men are particularly likely to face constipation. Constipation can be worsened by a lack of activity, inadequate hydration, reduction in how fast our bodies can move substances through our intestines, lower rates of activity, and an increase in the medications we’re taking. There are steps older men can take to try to protect themselves from constipation, although there is no way to completely avoid this uncomfortable and sometimes painful digestive problem. 

If you want to take steps to limit your likelihood of suffering from constipation, consider the following:

When looking for a probiotic for men over 50 that will support regularity, consider Healthy Trinity for its convenience and proven ability to promote healthy digestion. In addition, you may want to look at each of the three components of Healthy Trinity, which can be taken separately as their own probiotic supplement. These 3 probiotic products are:

  1. Megadophilus, which supports the small intestine where most of our digestion takes place. Learn more about Megadophilus here
  2. Bifido Factor, which supports the large intestine, which plays the primary role in your body’s elimination of waste. Learn more about Bifido Factor here.
  3. Digesta-Lac which provides support through the entire digestive process. You can learn more about Digesta-Lac here

Digestive Discomfort

Men over 50 may find themselves facing indigestion. This can be related to an excess of stomach acid, which can enter the esophagus causing discomfort. Steps like drinking enough water, avoiding a big meal before bed, going for walks, and limiting fried foods can help you avoid indigestion. In addition, there is a supplement called Gastro pH Wafers that you should consider. Gastro pH Wafers are convenient and tasty chewable, strawberry flavored wafers that can help to relieve occasional indigestion. This probiotic supports digestion of dairy, carbohydrates, and protein. The wafers can be easily taken with you so you can chew two wafers before or after a meal, to help with occasional indigestion or bouts of an upset stomach.  

Men over 50 face increased health risks, slowing metabolism, higher levels of inactivity, increased joint pain, and changing hormones. Lifestyle changes like managing stress, eating well, and exercising more can contribute to feeling better and improving your chances for health through your older years. Additionally, taking the right probiotic for men over 50 can help support healthy digestion and a strong immune system. 

Natren’s probiotics are renowned for their potency guarantee, attention to safety, high standards of excellence, and backing of a team with almost 40 years of commitment to providing the best probiotics available. To learn more about each of Natren’s probiotic products, please visit us at natren.com


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