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5 Things to Know About Keeping Probiotics at the Right Temperature

You may understand why the quality of your probiotics is so essential, and why the team behind these probiotics is critical also. But do you know how much temperature control matters to your probiotics?

Not only at your home, but between the time they're manufactured and the time they get into your hands? There are many reasons that this phase in the lifecycle of probiotics is so vital to the efficacy of the products.

Many companies do not ensure appropriate temperature controls, which can have drastic decreases in the promised potency of the probiotic you're purchasing.

Let's talk about what can happen if appropriate temperature controls for probiotics are not maintained at all times.

Here are five things you need to know about the temperature control of probiotics.

1. Probiotics need to be manufactured in strictly temperature-controlled settings

While some manufacturers are not stringent about their temperature control practices, this is one of the easier parts of the process to keep probiotics at their appropriate temperature.

At Natren, we have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities where we adhere to standards of excellence far beyond those required. Natren’s manufacturing process consistently ensures that temperature controls are met since our probiotics are stored under refrigeration or in temperature controlled processing rooms.

We received International Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Certification by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

This certification is provided by a group that guarantees that the member governments' regulatory agencies are enforcing standards that have been mutually endorsed and recognized by the member nations, and it reflects our commitment to excellence.

Natren recently chose to pursue ongoing audits with the National Sanitation Foundation, furthering our commitment to the highest standards at our manufacturing facilities - including the highly important aspect of temperature regulation.

2. After being manufactured, probiotics must be shipped in temperature-controlled packaging

This commitment to maintaining temperature control of the probiotics after they have left the manufacturing plant is substantially more difficult than keeping them at an appropriate temperature within the facilities.

It is during the shipping process that many other companies’ probiotics lose their potency and die. Probiotics CANNOT thrive without the appropriate temperature controls.

As you can imagine, when a probiotic is shipped from a manufacturer to a store or directly to a customer’s home, it is very easy to lose oversight of that product, and how its temperature is being regulated.

This is where Natren’s process truly shines.

At Natren, we have a unique commitment to packing your probiotics in a way that ensures an adequate temperature is maintained throughout the transport process. Although it is quite expensive, we use thermally controlled packaging that includes both blue ice and dry ice.

Our packaging is far superior to that of most other probiotic companies that just throw blue ice in a regular box and ship the package via ground shipping, where it can sit outside an appropriate temperature range for days.

Not only is our packaging superior, but we always include 2-day shipping.

3. Probiotics need to stay cold because that helps them stay alive

If you’re hoping to take probiotics for benefits like enhancing wellbeing, avoiding irritating overreactions to the environment, or diminishing uncomfortable digestive side effects - then you need them to work.

While you cannot tell from looking at them, many probiotics that have not been kept at the appropriate temperature are dead. There is nothing you or a store can do to revive probiotics once they have died.

This is why you should not trust that just because you purchase your probiotics from a refrigerated case, that they were kept in the appropriate cold temperature all the way through their manufacturing and shipping progress.

Inappropriate temperature controls during shipping are so prevalent that a previous study from Consumer Labs found that 85% of the probiotics they tested did not contain the number of live organisms they claimed to have.

The researchers found that improper temperature controls were one of the reasons for this extremely disappointing finding.

With Natren, you can rest assured that we are keeping the probiotics you buy at the temperatures they need to survive. We prioritize your health and work hard to ensure that you get the quality and excellence you deserve.

4. It’s important for you to maintain proper temperature controls once your probiotics are home with you

One major mistake that many people make with probiotics is that they put them into a daily pill container, which will remind them to take their probiotics.

However, leaving probiotics in a plastic container on your counter is not going to keep them in the temperature range they need.

Instead, keep your probiotics in the bottle we ship them in, and put them in your refrigerator. (For individual instructions about how to best store each probiotic from Natren, be sure to check the information on the bottle.)

The bottle Natren ships in not only helps you by reminding you of the exact strain, potency, and directions for each probiotic - but the design of the bottle is an extra layer of protection. At Natren we use a dark Amber glass in our bottles which helps shield your probiotics from light and humidity. This protects the quality of products like our Health Trinity.

5. Probiotics that have been kept outside the appropriate temperature range probably will not hurt you

But they also probably will not help you. If you leave milk out for a few days and then drink it, you certainly risk developing a very uncomfortable illness. However, probiotics that are left out for a few days are not as likely to cause these types of problems for you. They just will not work.

Why Choose Natren Probiotics?

If you are going to pay money for great probiotics, you should get the quality you expect.

One especially tricky factor to only taking probiotics that have been kept in adequate temperature controls their entire lifespan, is that it is very difficult to tell which ones fall into this category.

The best way to ensure your probiotics are not only of excellent quality but have also been rigorously manufactured, stored, and shipped, is to buy from a company known for its high standards.

Natren is that company, and the process and expense we take on means you are getting the best.

How do we know so much about probiotics and the right temperatures to keep them at? Because probiotics are all that we do.

At Natren, we are true experts in probiotics and that expertise shows in all of our products. You can learn more about our probiotics, and shop for those that will best fit your health goals here.


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