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Best Daily Probiotic

Some people wait until they are feeling unwell before they take a probiotic. Maybe they feel sluggish, notice digestive problems like constipation or diarrhea, or they wonder if their overall health could be more optimized. These people then seek out a probiotic that may be able to help.

While probiotics can help in these cases, we strongly recommend that you do not wait until you’re feeling “off” before you introduce a probiotic into your routine. The best daily probiotic can keep you on track, supporting your health every day. The goal is to help prevent problems when possible, instead of trying to fix problems once you’re suffering with them. 

Picking the best daily probiotic can be tricky though. Many probiotics can be found on the shelves of ‘health food’ stores and, unfortunately, most are making claims they cannot support. Not only do you need to figure out which probiotic strains are important for you and your family, but you also want to ensure you’re choosing a company that is producing probiotics that are going to maintain their potency until you take them. 

There are many factors to take into account with a daily probiotic, and it’s almost impossible for consumers to have visibility to all of the ways your probiotic could have excellent - or subpar - quality. For example, a lack of temperature control during production and shipping is a major downfall of many probiotics that you find in stores. 

That’s why Natren puts so much energy into making sure our probiotics are not just manufactured with excellence, but also stored and shipped with rigorous temperature control and packaging. 

Let’s look at some of the most common questions we are asked by people who are looking for the best daily probiotic:

What Should I Look for in the Best Daily Probiotic?

The best daily probiotic allows you to get a wide range of healthy bacteria in a single, easy to take supplement. You want a probiotic that is high quality, safe, and effective. 

Additionally, the best probiotics are formulated to provide a variety of benefits so you do not have to wonder what other probiotic supplements you should be taking in order to get all the benefits you want.

Many probiotics offer a few benefits, but when you’re looking to simplify your daily routine with a single best probiotic, ease is also important. With almost 40 years as leaders in the probiotic industry, we can confidently say that Health Trinity is our recommendation for the best daily probiotic

When and How Should I Take a Daily Probiotic? 

We recommend that you take Healthy Trinity each morning with breakfast, or each evening with dinner, so that you do not forget. Needless to say, even the best daily probiotic cannot give you all the benefits you want if you don’t remember to take it regularly. Take the capsule with unchilled, filtered water. While we recommend that you take your daily probiotic with a meal, we also recommend that you wait at least 2 hours in between probiotics and taking any herbs, garlic, or prescription medications. 

Why is Healthy Trinity the Best Daily Probiotic?

Healthy Trinity is the best daily probiotic, not only because of its superior ingredients but also because it’s so easy to take.

At Natren, Healthy Trinity was developed by taking 3 of the most popular probiotic supplements we created, and offering them in a single product. Healthy Trinity is the best daily probiotic because it optimizes your health in many ways, including supporting your body’s ability to use proteins, carbohydrates, and dairy; offering protection from occasional gas; promoting a mildly acidic environment that is preferable for good digestion; and encouraging the production of Vitamin B and hydrogen peroxide.

This 3 in 1 supplement is made up of:

  1. Megadophilus, which is the first component in our 3-part system, and a primary component of Healthy Trinity. Megadophilus’ good bacteria tend to reside in the small intestine, where the majority of your digestion takes place. This healthy bacteria is particularly useful in its ability to support digestion of dairy, health of your small intestine, and overall wellness. 
  2. Bifido Factor is the second important component of Healthy Trinity. Bifido Factor contains Bifidobacterium bifidum which resides along the walls of your large intestine. This good bacteria can support colon and large intestine function, promote the production of vitamin B, and encourage good digestion through the production of lactic and acetic acid. 
  3. Digesta-Lac is the third important component of Healthy Trinity. This supplement has healthy bacteria that travel the entire length of the digestive system, supporting the digestion of carbs, protein, and dairy; promoting an optimal intestinal pH for digestion; and encouraging the growth of good bacteria. 

Can I Give My Infant or Toddler a Daily Probiotic?

Yes, your infant or children can certainly benefit from a daily probiotic.

Healthy Trinity is recommended for those 8 and older, because younger children may not be able to swallow the capsules correctly.

For infants and younger children, we recommend Life Start as the best daily probiotic. The key bacteria in Life Start is Bifidobacterium infantis, which is the best beneficial bacteria for babies. Our strain of good bacteria can bring benefits to babies as early as the first day of life, which may allow them to have a head start in supporting a healthy immune system and good digestion. 

Life Start is easy to give to your baby by mixing it with a little breastmilk or formula. For toddlers and children, you can mix Life Start with something like applesauce, yogurt, or non acidic juice. 

What’s the Best Daily Probiotic for Children?

After your child has ‘graduated’ from Life Start, the best daily probiotic for them will be Natren’s Healthy Trinity. Children who are 8 years and older are generally able to swallow the capsules which allows them to safely take Healthy Trinity. Older children and teens can benefit from Healthy Trinity in the same way that adults can, making it a great all around daily probiotic for most of the family. 

When you’re choosing the best daily probiotic, you want to ensure that you’re getting a safe and effective product that covers as many bases as possible. Natren’s Healthy Trinity is your best option. Learn more about Healthy Trinity here


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