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Kombucha Negative Effects

Do you know exactly what kombucha is? If you said “no” you’re not alone. Many people do not know what kombucha is, although some of them have a sense that it is a ‘healthy drink’ that you may see in the refrigerator section of health food stores.

Because of its reputation for being so healthy, many people are also making kombucha at home these days. What you may not realize is the idea that ‘kombucha is healthy’, is actually substantially dangerous. Kombucha has potential negative effects that many people are unaware of.

It’s important to realize that when we say kombucha can be dangerous, we’re not referring to some simple cases of upset stomachs. Instead, we’re talking about kombucha’s negative effects that are as severe as leading to the death of 20 people.

Let’s look at what kombucha is, why people think it is healthy, and kombucha’s negative effects that you’ll want to look out for. We’ll also show you the best way to really get the health benefits that people are hoping they can get from kombucha.

What is Kombucha?

From the most basic standpoint, kombucha is a fermented tea. The fermentation process involves bacteria (probiotics) and yeast. Many people believe kombucha is not only a safe drink, but one that will boost their health. People who do not know the truth about kombucha support its consumption to improve conditions from cancer to arthritis to constipation. However, as we will show you, kombucha’s negative effects are potentially life-threatening.

Isn’t Fermentation Healthy?

Certainly the process of fermentation can produce supplements that can enhance your health and well-being. However, to assume that any product that has been fermented is going to be healthy, is a gross misunderstanding of the risks and benefits.

Fermentation can be a good process when friendly bacteria predigest foods making the nutrients more bioavailable for us. It’s under controlled conditions that friendly bacteria can multiply to large numbers to create a high quality supplement, such as Natren probiotics.

On the other hand, we see cases where fermentation is uncontrolled and not standardized. Kombucha tea is one of the most common of these cases. One result of this lack of knowledge and oversight is a product that has the potential for producing too much alcohol or damaging acids.

This can also result in the production of acetaldehyde, which is an irritant, pollutant, and carcinogen. These negative effects of kombucha are not to be taken lightly, especially since consumers are often looking to the fermented tea to improve their health.

Why is Kombucha Dangerous?

The first problem with kombucha is that there is no regulation in the US about what organisms are used to ferment the kombucha, or what else is in it.

Although you may assume this product is overseen by a known agency, kombucha tea has no state or federal guidelines that are imposed or checked by any known agency state or federal agency. This means we are in very dangerous territory when we hear about people assuming that a drink is healthy because it’s sold in a ‘health store’ or people trying to brew kombucha at home.

To emphasize how dangerous the negative effects of kombucha can be, consider this tragedy: 20 people died from trying to brew their own kombucha tea. Their deaths were caused by a contamination of Anthrax. Dying from Anthrax may be the last thing you’d expect when attempting to brew a seemingly healthy home-based tea, but this is exactly the type of risk we are so concerned about when we see the popularity of kombucha.

Without expertise and the right equipment and knowledge of how to ferment their own kombucha, this can be an incredibly foolish risk to take. In addition, it is not only kombucha made at home that is dangerous. Some commercial kombucha producers were forced to recall unpasteurized versions of kombucha from grocery stores.

The combination of the yeast and bacteria that are used for kombucha can produce acidosis and toxins if not managed correctly. The negative effects of kombucha are not simply that it may not help you. Instead, the negative effects of kombucha are that it could lead to serious health complications, and even death.

What About the Diseases Kombucha is Said to Help?

Not only is drinking kombucha a completely ineffective way to treat a disease like cancer, but it can also have substantial negative effects. In fact, even the cancer society warns that people who are immunocompromised - like those with cancer - should not be drinking kombucha.

Of course we understand the passion behind finding seemingly safe and natural ways to improve your health. That has been a goal of Natren for decades! However, we cannot in any way say that making your own kombucha, or drinking kombucha from a store, will contribute to this goal.

Our expert understanding of the fermentation process says that you are taking completely unnecessary risks with your health and well-being when you make or drink kombucha from store.

Is Making Kombucha Safe if I Follow Directions?

While it may be tempting to read an article or watch a YouTube video about how to ferment your own kombucha, please do NOT try this.

Fermentation should be done by experts. The vast majority of people do not understand how easily cultures can be contaminated. Without knowing the signs to look for, and having the right equipment and training, you can get very sick.

Not only that, but if you do get sick, getting the appropriate medical attention can be so difficult because your doctor will not know that you’ve been compromised from a contamination.

What are my Options for Health Benefits?

At Natren, we fully support the use of quality probiotics to enhance your well-being. That is why we are so passionate about the negative effects of kombucha.

If you are interested in using fermentation or probiotics in your lifestyle, the first thing to keep in mind is that you only want to choose probiotics that are microbiologically pure.

Also remember that understanding and differentiating between strains of bacteria is a complicated and scientific process. It is absolutely unsafe to blindly trust any company, website, or person who sells probiotics.

You must understand their education, sourcing process, manufacturing, research, and safety measures. Until you can be sure that the company supplying you with probiotics is truly excellent in every one of these measures, you are taking a risk with your health. Natren is here to ensure you have a source of quality probiotics.

The best way to incorporate healthy probiotics into your life is to begin your research at Natren’s website, where we can guarantee the potency of every strain of probiotics we sell. Our founder and team have over 35 years of experience in producing probiotics that are microbiologically pure, and backed by the highest of standards in safety and excellence.


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