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Family Bundle

  1. Healthy Trinity 60 count
  2. Life Start Dairy
  3. Healthy Tummy

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$129.11 - Valued at $151.90

Natren Family Bundle Details

All can be taken safely and together every day. There are no safety concerns only exceptional results whether one product or all three are taken together by each family member.

Life Start dairy based probiotic is great for the whole family from pregnant to nursing mothers, new born infants, toddlers or sensitive people of all ages. The Life Start Dairy Base containing the incredible B.infantis probiotic bacteria and its complex of fermented amino acids and peptides provide special benefits to a young susceptible immune system or an immune system that is hyperactive and needs functional guidance from this special B. infantis bacteria. Milk is the ideal growth medium for B. infantis because it is the favorite food and will provide many more benefits to help maintain a healthy viable immune system.

Healthy Trinity is the powerhouse probiotic that provides ultimate digestive, immune health, beautiful and healthy skin along with a multitude of good moods. It provides 100% survivability of the three most important probiotic bacteria that will protect the entire 27 feet of your digestive tract (an operating system worthy of your total support). Once a Healthy Trinity user always a Healthy trinity user!

Healthy Tummy is a delicious vanilla ice cream flavor dairy based chewable probiotic wafer. It is your best probiotic friend that gives immediate digestive help before or after meals. Two wafers chewed with a glass of water before meals will help slow down that voracious appetite while delivering a delicious and natural satisfying taste. It can be taken anytime by anyone, including children. who has a desire for a small healthy treat that gives added benefits by supporting your immune system.

Dairy Bundle

  1. Life Start 2 powder - goats milk
  2. Healthy Start System - Dairy powder
  3. Gastro-PH Wafers

Bundle & Save Get 15% Off

$97.62 - Valued at $114.85

Natren Dairy Bundle Details

Our unique probiotic systems were designed to maximize your health every day. Milk (dairy) is the favorite food of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, the most important groups of bacteria for human health. Milk provides a complete, favorite nourishment system to all species and strains of Natren Precision Probiotic beneficial bacteria. This nourishment allows them to express their best qualities and support for your microbiome health.

Life Start 2 – Safe and effective for pregnant women, nursing mothers, newborn infants and sensitive individuals of all ages. Human Breast Milk has specific nutrients to exclusively benefit the growth of Bifidobacterium infantis. Natren has chosen goats milk for Life Start 2 because it is the next best food source and closest nutrient for the health of the probiotic bacteria, B. infantis, which are found exclusively in Life Start 2 powder. Our goats milk formula was developed to improve the health of sensitive individuals especially those suffering with gluten intolerance. We chose only the best food to nourish each of our probiotic bacteria. Why does this matter? Because the probiotic bacteria can produce the largest amount of exclusive, beneficial fermentation end products which are found in our intrinsic supernatant. Although it may sound complicated, what matters most to you is that the Natren probiotic supernatant provides extra benefits aside from the healthy and living probiotic bacteria found in our Life Start 2 products. Natren is the only company in the world that does not throw out the intrinsic supernatant when freeze drying the probiotic bacteria products. While others look to cut corners, Natren knows the intrinsic supernatant is so important for human health. Life Start 2 can be used safely and effectively with all other Natren probiotic products: dairy or dairy free.

Healthy Start System – Dairy powder. The Healthy Start System can be used along with any and all Natren probiotic products designed to create an optimal layering system approach to obtain the best probiotic individualized supplementation system. Each probiotic bacteria is chosen and grown separately in its favorite food source: milk. The probiotic bacteria are kept separate in their own bottles so that they can deliver the incredible combination of probiotic bacteria and their beneficial fermentation end products called the intrinsic supernatant. The intrinsic supernatant can increase the benefits of each strain of good bacteria by up to 50%, to give you the best possible results. Each probiotic bacteria in Natren’s Healthy Start System is chosen because it safely and effectively thrives in a certain area of the 27 feet of the human GI tract: Megadophilus (number 1 of three part system) contains L. acidophilus, the probiotic bacteria that has over 10,000 published articles over a 100 year span to confirm its unique benefits for the human host. B. bifidum is the beneficial probiotic bacteria found in Bifido Factor (number 2 of a three part system). Bifidobacteria species are the most important group of beneficial bacteria found in the human large intestine (colon). They are an essential assistant to maximize the waste and disposal function of the large intestine. Bifido Factor also contains the expensive and unique intrinsic supernatant that can increase benefits by up to 50%. Digesta Lac is number 3 of the three part system.

It contains the original longevity probiotic bacteria, L. bulgaricus that was described and discovered by Dr. Elia Metchnikoff in Bulgarian yogurt at the turn of the 20th century. Natren L. bulgaricus LB-51 is grown in milk to trigger its ability to predigest food and have a very positive effect on the immune system, especially Killer Cell activity responsible for the first line of defense against viruses, bacteria and candida. Helping with proper digestion is an extremely useful benefit because large, poorly digested food particles can ignite a negative autoimmune response.

Gastro pH- Gastro pH (probiotic health) milk based natural strawberry flavored wafers are an incredibly good tasting probiotic digestive support system that gives quick and satisfying relief from indigestion. It works by assisting digestion before or after any meal. It is not a medicine thus it cannot harm the human digestive tract by repeated use. It contains the unique yogurt bacteria, L. bulgaricus LB-51 produced exclusively by Natren. It also contains the incredibly valuable intrinsic supernatant only available in Natren single strain probiotic products. Pack it in your pocket or purse for the day away from direct sunlight or heat and enjoy great digestion throughout the day.

Vegan Bundle

  1. Healthy Start System 60 count
  2. Life Start Vegan(x2)

Bundle & Save Get 15% Off

$110.37 - Valued at $129.85

Natren Vegan Bundle Details

Healthy Start System Vegan contains vegan 60-count capsules in each of three separate bottles. Natren precision probiotic vegan formulas are the only precision probiotic formulas that are grown in a specialized organic chickpea base. The chickpea (garbanzo bean) base was specifically selected because of its ratio of protein to carbs that proved to be an ideal substitute for dairy milk culture medium. Natren Healthy Start System Vegan formula 60 count vegetarian capsules is a unique system of three super strains of probiotic bacteria grown in a complete, nourishing vegan base that retains the specific beneficial fermentation end products in each separate bottle containing a Natren precision super strain probiotic bacteria. The intrinsic supernatant that is specific to each probiotic bacteria product enhances the performance of that probiotic strain by up to 50%. Megadophilus vegan formula is #1 of the 3 probiotic bacteria found in the Healthy Start System. It contains L. acidophilus NAS strain that is the essential probiotic bacteria for small intestinal health. Its primary function is the absorption of all nutrients to support great health without alarming the immune system to overreact negatively. Some of the health benefits of L. acidophilus are intestinal, vaginal, urinary and immune health. Bifido Factor vegan formula is #2 of the 3 probiotic bacteria found in the Healthy Start System and contains B. bifidum Malyoth strain. Bifidobacteria are essential to finish the digestive process in the large intestine (colon) and expel toxins through the body’s waste and disposal system. Digesta Lac vegan formula is #3 in the Healthy Start System. It contains L. bulgaricus, the original longevity bacteria found in Bulgarian yogurt. Our L. bulgaricus LB-51 is a unique probiotic bacteria that is essential to help predigest food to the proper molecular size so that it can nourish the body without antagonizing the immune system. It has a stimulating effect on the innate immune system specifically on the activity of Killer Cells to help ward off unwanted viruses, bad bacteria and candida. This Healthy Start System is safe at any level and can be mixed and taken with all other Natren probiotic products to individualize its health effect on the unique microbiome of each person’s body.

Natren Vegan Life Start - Natren was the first probiotic manufacturer in the 1980s to introduce the incredible Bifidobacteria infantis baby probiotic bacteria in a probiotic product complete with its original fermentation end products that we call the intrinsic supernatant. Natren is the first to introduce our B. infantis NLS strain grown in a precise organic rice formula. It is the most important probiotic bacteria for infant health and for optimizing the health of sensitive people of any age. B.infantis is the bacteria that started disappearing in westernized cultures in the 1970s. It is no longer found in many naturally born infants, even those that are breastfed. It is excellent for pregnant women, nursing mothers, newborn infants and everyone with a sensitive system because it can help the GI tract harmonize microbiota with the immune system.

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