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Who Needs Probiotics?

Who needs probiotics? Great question - especially since there tends to be so much confusion when it comes to probiotics. Here are some of the pieces of advice we have seen online: 

Not one of these answers tells the whole store of who needs probiotics - and some of them are downright wrong. Here’s a rundown of different types of people who need probiotics, and how the right probiotics can help them:


People with digestive issues

This is by far the most common answer we hear to the question ‘who needs probiotics’. It is true that the right probiotics can make a tremendous difference to someone with digestive issues. From those with occasional constipation to those who want to support their body in properly digesting carbs, protein, and dairy - beneficial bacteria make sense. Probiotics are so helpful for those with digestive issues because the gut is lined with trillions of bacteria. By giving the gut the good bacteria it can use to support healthy digestion, you have the chance to optimize those processes. The best probiotics can act all the way through the digestive tract, including in the large and small intestines. 

Sometimes symptoms we feel, like bloating, lethargy, cramping, or irregularity, are due to our bodies not being able to break down food as much as we need. When our bodies cannot fully digest what we eat, that often leads to uncomfortable results. The good bacteria in probiotics can actively work to break down the food you eat, which lets the nutrients be absorbed by your intestines, and lets the waste products get eliminated smoothly. 

People taking antibiotics

People taking antibiotics are absolutely a group of people who fit under the ‘who needs probiotics’ umbrella. As you may be able to tell from their names, PRObiotics and ANTIbiotics are opposites on the most simple level. Antibiotics are meant to kill bacteria. That’s why they’re such a useful medical tool. Antibiotics can destroy bacteria that are making you sick. However, antibiotics are not “smart.” They cannot hunt out bad bacteria and target them. Instead, they kill ANY bacteria. Unfortunately, this means they kill huge amounts of beneficial bacteria as well. Have you ever wondered why people who take antibiotics can have severe diarrhea? It’s because antibiotics wreak havoc on your digestive system by destroying good, essential bacteria. Taking the right probiotics can replenish the good bacteria that are killed by antibiotics. 


Is it possible that newborns need probiotics? How could someone who was just born already need supplements? All babies are born with bacteria. Those born by C-section get most of the bacteria from the air and the skin and tissue from their mother and vaginally-born infants get their first big dose of bacteria from the mother's birth canal. But, unfortunately, neither method of birth guarantees the right bacteria is transferred to your baby. And, while breastmilk can help populate a newborn’s gut with good bacteria, an everyday boost of probiotics is important too. Bifidobacteria infantis is the bacteria most noted for newborn health benefits. All babies, especially those who are formula-fed and/or born via c-section, can benefit from a B. infantis precision probiotic formulated especially for newborns. 


Seniors are at particularly high risk of constipation and/or diarrhea. In fact, about 40% of older adults say that they have digestive issues, with constipation being the most commonly reported. Taking a probiotic every day can substantially benefit seniors who want to support regularity. However, seniors should be particularly careful about the probiotics they choose since many companies prioritize sales over science. Older adults can feel confident choosing Natren precision probiotics since Natren is dedicated to quality over quantity and excellence in everything we do. 

People who are worried about their immune systems

When we’re looking at who needs probiotics, we cannot overstate the importance of those people who want to support a strong immune system. Remember that “strong” in this sense also means balanced. Having an immune system that’s TOO active is also a problem. The right probiotics can help anyone - from newborns through seniors - support the immune responses they need to stay healthy. 

Truly, anyone can benefit from the right probiotics. The most important factor is that they choose probiotics from a company they trust. Natren is that company for several reasons, starting with their 100% potency guarantee of every strain of good bacteria they sell. Unlike other brands, each strain of bacteria found in all Natren precision probiotic products is guaranteed through the expiry date. Natren is known internationally as a leader in probiotics. You can trust that any Natren Precision Probiotic product you choose was made with 50 years of experience from the founder and her team. 

Healthy Trinity - A good place to start

If you’re not sure where to start, Healthy Trinity is a great option for adults, seniors, and kids age 8+. Healthy Trinity provides 3 of Natren’s most popular probiotic supplements in a single capsule. With Healthy Trinity you get:

  1. Megadophilus is the foundation of a strong immune system because of the powerful way it supports the small intestine. Yes, the small intestine is where most of our digestive process takes place - but it’s also where a lot of our immune system is located. 
  2. Bifido Factor works hand in hand with Megadophilus, supporting the large intestine. Because the large intestine removes waste from the body, its ability to function optimally can affect your overall well-being and health. 
  3. Digesta-Lac works throughout the entire digestive tract. In combination with Megadophilus and Bifido Factor, Digesta-Lac completes this powerful trio in supporting digestion and a strong, balanced immune system. 

Other Natren probiotics

While Healthy Trinity is a great choice for many people who use Natren supplements, there are other important choices. They include:

All of Natren’s probiotics can be used in the combinations that work best for you. To make buying the right probiotics even easier for anyone who needs probiotics, Natren has created bundles. These bundles make it easy to choose products that fit your goals, and they let you save money at the same time. You can check out Natren’s bundles here, or read about all the probiotic options here


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