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Best Quality Probiotics


Often we discuss the best probiotic for a particular demographic, like the best probiotic for pregnant women, for men over 50, or for toddlers. However, an important consideration that spans ALL of these decisions is the best quality probiotics. No matter your age, health goals, activity level, or dietary habits, the most important decision in choosing these supplements is which one gives you the best probiotic quality.


When you’re looking for the best quality probiotics, it can be hard to make that determination in a store or online. After all, most people do not have the scientific expertise to determine which bacteria are most important, nor how to find the best quality of those strains. So how does someone, without extensive knowledge of the science of good bacteria, pick the best quality probiotics? The answer is that you choose a probiotic company you can trust explicitly. Natren is a company that has earned the trust of many probiotic consumers and healthcare professionals. We’ll show you why we believe that Natren is the company you can trust for you and your family’s quality of probiotic needs.


How do you choose a probiotic company you can trust? This can be difficult because many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on slick packaging and marketing that can lead you to believe they are the ones to trust. In many cases though, there is minimal substance behind those marketing claims. The first place we suggest looking is at the founder of the company.


Natren’s Founder

Natren was founded by Natasha Trenev, known as the mother of probiotics, and who still serves as the President of Natren. Natasha comes from a long line of renowned yogurt producers in Yugoslavia. Her family’s 750-year history of making yogurt gives her a passion for health, and especially for good bacteria that are found in high-quality yogurt. Her education at UCLA, and decades of experience makes her a true pioneer and trustworthy leader in the probiotic industry. In addition to overseeing the science that goes into Natren’s products, Natasha is extensively involved in ensuring the highest standards of excellence from production to shipping.

Quality Probiotics Are Microbiologically Pure

Understanding what is NOT in your probiotics is as important as trusting what IS in your probiotics. A probiotic with some of the best strains of healthy bacteria may end up being a bad choice for you and your family if that supplement is also contaminated with things you don’t want. It is more common than you may think to find probiotic supplements that are contaminated with ingredients that are not on the label, and are potentially dangerous. Natren Probiotics are microbiologically pure. This means that when we tell you what’s in the quality probiotics we sell, you know that’s all you’re getting. You do not need to worry about contaminated probiotics with Natren.


Natren’s Production Standards

Natren is one of the very few probiotic companies that put extensive resources into ensuring a manufacturing process that adheres to safety regulations far above those required. While many probiotics companies follow minimum guidelines, Natren goes above and beyond what’s mandated. Natren has been awarded multiple certifications highlighting a commitment to excellence throughout the manufacturing and production process. This includes the International Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), a Certification by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which is one of the most difficult certifications to be awarded in our industry.


Why Packaging & Shipping Matter So Much for Quality Probiotics

Beyond excellence in the team and the production of your supplements, the best quality probiotics are those that are still the best quality once they reach your home. This may sound obvious, but it should be a substantial consideration for those people who are buying probiotics. Even if you find a probiotic company that you believe is manufacturing pure, high-quality products, you are not getting the benefit from those probiotics if the good bacteria has died by the time it gets to your house. This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. There are 3 primary risks to your good bacteria: heat, moisture, and light. It is very easy for these elements to negatively affect your probiotics if they are not in the right packaging, and if they are not shipped and stored in the right manner. Natren has put extensive time and resources into ensuring our packaging and shipping process will protect your probiotics. That is why Natren guarantees the potency of the good bacteria is still at 100% by the time it gets to your home. This is not a guarantee you’ll find with many other probiotic companies.


No matter what type of probiotic you are looking for - ones for a pregnant woman, a senior, someone who’s taking a course of antibiotics, or for your entire family - choosing the best quality probiotic is essential. At Natren, our company is founded on a basis of trust, quality, and excellence. All of our probiotic supplements carry our 100% potency guarantee, and all are manufactured with the highest of attention to detail and safety.


If you’re just starting out with probiotics, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. We recommend starting with Healthy Trinity, one of our most popular products. Healthy Trinity combines 3 of Natren’s best-selling probiotic supplements into one easy-to-take system. For infants and young children, consider Life Start which can be used as early as the first day a baby is born.  Additionally, since many people find Natren when they are searching for probiotics to help with regularity, we’ve put together a collection of products that are particularly helpful for optimizing digestion. You can find those products here. Finally, if you’ve got a dog or cat who is part of your family, their health likely matters a lot to you. Natren’s probiotics for pets are developed and manufactured with the same commitment to quality and excellence as all of the supplements that we make for the human members of your family.


Whatever your probiotic needs are, choosing the best quality probiotics is one of the most important decisions. You can learn more about how Natren supplies the best quality probiotics by visiting us at 


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