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Best Probiotic for Traveling

What can ruin a trip faster than almost anything? Getting sick. Whether you’re planning a relaxing week in the sun, an adventurous tour of several countries, an international conference for work, or a backpacking excursion, if you want to do your best to feel good, you’re likely wondering what’s the best probiotic for traveling. After all, there are many factors on your trip that you can’t control. You’ll be eating foods that are different, experiencing new environments, and maybe adjusting to a different time zone. With all the factors that you cannot control, at least you can make sure you take along a probiotic that can help optimize your health through the uncertainty of traveling. 

One key to feeling well on your trip is to do everything you can to boost your immune system. Even the modes of transportation we take during travel can be breeding grounds for germs. From the airplane’s recycled air and being stuck with potentially sick passengers for hours, to taxi cabs or public transportation, there are many ways you can encounter germs as you travel. Let’s look at a few important factors of feeling your best when you travel, including how to boost your immune system through your gut, and how probiotics can help with digestive issues which are common complaints of travelers. 

Boosting Immunity Via the Gut

It’s easy to see why optimizing your immune system for travel is a good idea. The question is - how do we boost immunity? Many people are surprised to learn that the immune system has its foundation in your digestive tract. It turns out that organs like your intestines are not just for digesting food. Instead, they play an essential role in protecting your body from invaders like viruses and bad bacteria. The gut is an important target for your immune system because it has limited space for bacteria to inhabit. Each part of this space can have either good bacteria or bad bacteria living in it. Probiotics give you a way to actively affect the balance of good and bad bacteria in your body. By introducing high quality probiotics with healthy bacteria into the gut, you allow these healthy bacteria to take up real estate. This real estate is then no longer available for unhealthy bacteria to live in. You can influence the balance of good vs bad bacteria in your body with probiotics, which can aid in the optimization of your immune system. 

Digestive System During Travel

Why do people seem to have bouts of diarrhea or constipation more often when they travel? There are likely multiple reasons for this. First of all, you’re being exposed to germs outside of your usual environment, which you may be more susceptible to. This is especially true if you travel to areas with less hygiene.  Second, your food choices are different. You may be eating more, going to restaurants for most meals, and having richer foods than you are used to. You also may be drinking less water, and/or more alcohol than you normally would. Finally, you could be in situations where the best food safety practices are not being followed. This could include everything from food not being kept at the appropriate temperatures, to you not washing your hands before eating. Any of these factors can influence your digestive system by bringing on excess gas, diarrhea, or stomach discomfort. On the other end of the spectrum, some people suffer from constipation when they travel. Instead of being caused by germs, this is more likely to be caused by factors like eating less fiber, drinking less water, getting less exercise, or indulging in foods like cheese, red meat, fried snacks. In either case, the right probiotics may be able to help when you’re traveling, by helping to optimize digestion.

Best Probiotic for Travel: Healthy Trinity

When you’re looking for the best probiotic for travel, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, of course you want a probiotic that is effective. Otherwise, your money is wasted on marketing claims instead of a quality supplement. Second, you want a probiotic that is safe. If you cannot trust the quality and safety of your probiotic, you are far better skipping it altogether. And finally, you want a supplement that is convenient when you’re looking for the best probiotic for traveling. Whether you’re taking a huge suitcase or just a backpack, your probiotic should not take up unnecessary room. 

What probiotic fits all these requirements? Natren’s Healthy Trinity. Healthy Trinity is one of the most convenient probiotics for those on the go, because it is a combination of 3 different highly safe and effective products. The 3 components of Healthy Trinity are: 

  1. Megadophilus contains healthy bacteria that will reside primarily in your small intestine. Since most of your digestive process happens in the small intestine, this is a great way to boost both immunity and digestive health as you travel. 
  2. Bifido Factor contains good bacteria that are mostly geared towards supporting the large intestine. When we’re looking for the best probiotic for traveling, the health of the large intestine is essential because it is the organ most dedicated to removing waste products from your body. This can help keep your health, digestion, and immune system optimized. 
  3. Digesta-Lac is the third component of Healthy Trinity, and allows you to take healthy bacteria that can travel the length of your digestive tract, providing support the entire way. Since the whole digestive system can play a role in your health, especially during traveling, this is an important part of our health-boosting system. 

One of the most important components of the best probiotic for travel, is the ability to take a quick and easy supplement with you on your trip. Healthy Trinity allows for this ease, while also ensuring you get a variety of good bacteria to give you the ability to support your digestive health and immunity. By taking a single capsule of Health Trinity each day, you are getting all 3 of our most highly recommended probiotics: Megadophilus, Bifido Factor, and Digesta-Lac. 

To learn more about Natren’s probiotics and how we provide the best probiotic for immune boost, visit our website at


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