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Best Probiotic for Cats

What kind of cat do you have? A grumpy cat who refuses any signs of affection, or a lap cat who wakes you at 5am to snuggle? A pure-bred or a mixed breed rescue cat?

No matter what type of cat you have, their health is likely your top priority. Cats may seem like they are fairly low maintenance, but cats’ health is actually fairly complex. They can have chronic issues like digestive problems and thyroid problems, and a relatively large number of cats suffer from kidney failure and several cancers.

There are steps you can take to help give your cat the best chance of a happy and healthy life. These steps include picking good food, making sure your cat stays active, keeping toxic items out of reach, and choosing the best probiotic for your cat

Cats’ immune systems

In trying to choose the best probiotic for cats, it’s important to first understand several things about these felines.

First, there is an important aspect of health that cats and humans have in common. It’s that the majority of our immune systems reside in our guts. Just like people, cats have good and bacteria in their intestines that play a substantial role in immunity. And just like people, cats have the opportunity to affect how much good bacteria they have - which may go a long way in supporting immune health.

Supporting the immune system of your cat is one factor that will play an essential role in choosing the best probiotic for cats

Common digestive problems in cats

Although your cat may seem tough and fearless, he or she likely has a pretty sensitive digestive system.

Some cats have upset stomachs, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea. Others have digestive diseases like humans including inflammatory bowel disease.

Another complication with cats is that in many cases they are not able to take medications because their bodies cannot break down the components, which can lead to severe or even fatal reactions. Finding a supplement that is both safe and able to support digestive health is another important factor in choosing the best probiotics for cats. 

Understanding the role of probiotics for cats

Why would a probiotic benefit a cat? The answer lies in a probiotic’s ability to introduce a higher amount and better quality of bacteria into the cat’s digestive system.

It may sound dangerous to knowingly give you cat bacteria, but even though ‘bacteria’ sounds negative, there is another side to the story. Some bacteria are very ‘good’ and play a large role in supporting our health.

The same goes for cats. Good bacteria are able to actively lower the chances of bad bacteria taking up residence in the intestines. The reason for this is because there is limited room in the digestive tract where bacteria can live. This means that every part of the system that is inhabited by good bacteria, is one less part that’s available for bad bacteria to live. The good bacteria basically acts like a protective army, preventing dangerous bacteria from getting too abundant. 

The best way to introduce good bacteria into your cat’s digestive system is through a probiotic that is specifically formulated for them. The best probiotic for cats is Felinedophilus

Felinedophilus: the best probiotic for cats

Felinedophilus is formulated to support your cat’s digestive health. This is not only for the purpose of encouraging healthy digestion, but also to help promote a strong immune system in your cat.

This supplement works by helping to support intestinal health and helping to maintain healthy intestinal flora (the microorganisms that live in the gut). 

Natren specifically chose the healthy bacteria in Felinedophilus for your cat, and these bacteria include Lactobacillus acidophilus, NAS super strain and Enterococcus faecium, NCIMB 10415 super strain. Each 2 gram serving of your cat’s probiotic contains 6 billion colony forming units. 

Why Natren probiotics are trusted by cat lovers

There’s a reason that many pet owners refer to their cats as fur-babies. While some will say a cat is ‘just an animal,’ many of us love our pets as an irreplaceable member of our family.

 That’s why when you’re choosing the best probiotics for your cat, you want to make sure that you’re getting a product that is safe, effective, and of the highest quality. Natren is renowned for the quality of our probiotics, and our focus on excellence extends 100% to the probiotics we’ve created for your cat. 

Natren probiotics were created with almost 40 years of hard work and dedication to nothing but producing the best probiotic supplements we can. Our founder, Natasha Trenev, has committed her life to excellence in probiotic research, creation, and education.

Your cat’s probiotic is made in a facility that has been awarded some of the highest recognitions including the International Drug GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certification.

In addition to the extensive research that has gone into creating the best probiotic for cats, we focus on continuing that excellence with testing of all our super strains to ensure the highest standards. 

How to give a cat probiotics

It can be tricky to give any medicine or supplement to a cat.

While a dog may fall for the ‘pill hidden in a piece of cheese’ trick, things are not always as easy with a cat. To give your cat his or her serving of Felinedophilus, use the plunger that we include. First, fold over one tab so you can slide plunger into the applicator. A tab is equal to the recommended 2 gram serving.

Now insert the tip of the plunger into the side of your cat’s mouth and firmly depress the plunger. Alternatively, if your cat will eat their food with the probiotics in it, you can mix the recommended serving into your cat’s meal. 

Felinedophilus is the best probiotic for cats. It has good bacteria that can help support cats’ intestinal health and is made by a company known internationally for its excellence in probiotics. To learn more about Natren probiotics, visit our website


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