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You've found the real deal. Now tell others and earn a little money from your passion about Natren Precision Probiotics.

Natren comes from a long tradition of probiotic excellence and cultural heritage, beginning over 750 years ago in the northern region of Macedonia. Helmed by husband and wife team Natasha & Yordan Trenev, Natren® quite literally brought probiotics to North America, introducing Americans to the culture of live cultures. With Yogurt as the original vehicle for probiotics, Natasha & Yordan eventually developed a probiotic product line containing the full spectrum of healthy gut flora. As a result of their rich history and innovation in this pivotal industry, Natren is simply elevated above the rest. Natren has transformed the health and lives of millions of satisfied customers in the past 40 years. Historically, we are able to retain 80% of our customers who try Natren.



We are dedicated to providing affordable solutions that help people to transform their health and stay healthy. Become a partner and help spread the word about our precision probiotics products that improve the well-being and quality of life, while providing you with a unique business opportunity to help us help others.

You are passionate about healthy living. How passionate are you about helping others get healthy and stay healthy.

You have the ability to create, educate and share authentic precision probiotic product editorials, images, and promotions through your platform.

Have a strong social engagement and, trustworthy, sincere relationship with your follower's on social media.



> You will receive up to 10% commission on all gross sales (unless specified differently in the campaign)

> Payments are made on or before 15th of the month via check for the prior month's commissions

> A completed W-9 must be received prior to any payments being made. (All emailed W-9s must be electronically signed using Adobe Acrobat)

> At this time, we are only accepting applicants with physical addresses within the United States

The Mother of Probiotics Answers

Natasha Trenev, President and Founder, Author, Researcher, Educator and Developmental Scientist is here to answer your probiotic questions! Simply click on the plus symbol to see answers to the most commonly asked probiotic questions.


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How do I receive commissions?

After receiving your W-9 form, we process commissions on or before 12th of each month for the prior month's commissions.

Is there a limit on the commissions I can earn?

No Limits for 720 days you will receive commissions everytime the customer uses your coupon code.

How do you track commissions?

We use UpPromote for our affiliate tracking and reporting. You will also receive access to a private affiliate membership site with dashboard analytics, swipes, graphics and other resources, including our team.

Can I use paid advertising to promote Natren?

Yes, you can. We provide ad copy and approved claims in our media files.

What is the most effective way to market the product?

Natren precision probiotics require a personal passion and conviction to sell. We know that only by taking the precision probiotic product and having a transformation in gut health and will being will provide you the voice that resonates and instills desire with your audience to promote Natren Precision Probiotics with your audience.

Is there a fee to join your affiliate program?

No, there is never a fee to join.

How much can I make as a Natren Affiliate?

This is really up to you and your passion to promote Natren precision probiotics. We know that once you have tried Natren precision probiotics for yourself you will enjoy telling others about your exceptional experience with the precision probiotic product. So the passion and results are built in and lead to your success. Tell others, transform their lives and earn money. Natren's typical customer orders between $125 to $140.00 on average through our online store. The typical passionate online customer refills on Natren 4 times each year and best of all they remain on the product for years. What that means for you is for each customer you bring to Natren could bring you $56.00 annually just to tell them about our precision probiotics. Our informal survey of satisfied customers determined that typically people tell at least 10 people each year about their success on the product without any expectation of compensation.

Our Natren Precision Probiotics sell at a premium price that will allow for more return on your efforts. Ten percent on a Natren Precision Probiotics sell will net you more commission than ten percent on a lower priced competitors' product. See table below.

Affiliate Compensation Chart

Above summary is just an example of the selling power available to you as a Natren Affiliate. This is not a guarantee of performance.


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