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Gastro Vegi-Dophilus Testimonials - Natren Probiotics


As a Naturopathic physician, I have long since realized the importance of a healthy digestive tract and high quality probiotics, not only for humans but also for animals. Recently when my nine year old beagle ate something on his walk that he should not have and developed digestive problems, Natren's Gastro Vegi-Dophilus came to his rescue. With the help of a bland diet (boiled chicken, rice and canned pumpkin), he recovered in only two days. Several years ago, we had also adopted two feral cats - one has Feline HIV and needs additional immune support. Since Gastro Vegi-Dophilus is in a powder form, it can easily be mixed with some wet food, however, it must be kept refrigerated for its live cultures to remain at their most potent strength. I highly recommend this supplement to any pet owner and will continue to use it for my animals. Thank you, Natren, for an excellent product.

— Dr. Diana Pengitore, ND

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