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Healthy Trinity Testimonials


My son Ryan has struggled with severe stomach issues since he was 4 years old. He had diarrhea and stomach cramps almost on a daily basis. Wherever he went, he needed to make sure that a restroom was close by. On occasion, he would miss fun family activities due to his fear of not being able to get to a bathroom in time. After taking him too several doctors over the past 10 years, and the doctors not being able to find a solution for him to ease his discomfort, he finally just came to terms with the fact that a “ bad” stomach would be part of his life. Then about 6 month ago, I learned about probiotics and their benefits. After doing a lot of research online, I came across Natren!!!!!!! It was a life changer for my son who is now 18 years old. After only taking it for 2 weeks, his daily stomach aches and diarrhea were reduced to only once or twice a week at most, he couldn’t believe his luck. He now takes Natren daily and when we travel, he makes sure to take a cooler with him so his Natren is close by at all times. He now enjoys his life with rare stomach aches as a normal teenager should. Thank you Natren, serious life changer!!!!

— Sandra C., California

As a result of an extensive trip, I suffered from hemorrhoidal and bowels issues for months. Dr. Murrell successfully resolved my hemorrhoidal issue through treatment; however, I continued to have bowel and gut problems. He recommended that I take 1 capsule of Natren Healthy Trinity a day. I have been astonished at the difference Natren has made. I have no more straining, and movement throughout my digestive system is much smoother. I also no longer feel bloated. I am enjoying a much healthier feeling now that both of my issues are resolved. Natren has been a very easy and effective “fix” to move me from poor gut health back to a much healthier status. Had I not begun taking Natren, I believe my hemorrhoidal issues would have resurfaced!

— M. E., California

After years of being told I should try Natren’s Healthy Trinity, I finally have. I regret waiting. What a terrific product, and what a difference it’s made. More energy, better sleep, weight loss. Even my battle with type 2 diabetes has been more successful with Healthy Trinity. Superior health begins in the gut. I recommend Healthy Trinity without reservation.

— John H., WLS Radio/Chicago

Like many people, I have worked in a high-stress business environment as a network engineer for most of my career. Sometimes the demands can be overwhelming. With today’s lean business model, IT specialists can be on-call 24x7x365. I worked in one such environment for twelve years where I suffered the effects of little sleep due to projects that had to be completed after hours and on the weekends. Sleeping pills and pain killers slowly wore me down until a few years ago I developed diverticulitis and had to be hospitalized for exhaustion and recovery for two weeks. It was a wake-up call from my body telling me it wasn’t getting what it needed to function properly. I decided to leave the high-pressure environment I was in and find something closer to home with a smaller number of computers to manage and fewer co-workers to serve each day. At your recommendation, I began taking the three components of the Healthy Start System, Megadophilus, Bifido Factor and Digesta-Lac, each in powder form. I noticed an immediate improvement in my ability to properly digest food and began to feel my body re-energizing as it absorbed the nutrients from a healing gut. I began to sleep better, I felt more rested and energetic when I awoke and most importantly, the constant stress headaches and low-grade fever began to reduce and then disappear. After two months I switched to Natren Health Trinity. The healing has continued until now, five months later, I feel like a new man, with renewed life and real vigor. I am amazed at the results and don’t think it was just from changing my work environment and reducing my daily commute. I believe Natren Probiotics saved my life. Thank you for your recommendation of how to get started and for following up to see how I was doing. I have read up on the science behind Probiotics and especially have investigated the importance of a healthy gut. It is my personal testimonial that the connection is real. My body clearly works a lot better now and I feel great. Cheers,

— Tim M., MCSE

Natren products saved my life! During my pregnancy I was extremely sick, I could not keep any foods down and my body wasn’t able to break down foods, I was miserable. I started taking the Natren probiotics (Healthy Trinity) at 6 months into my pregnancy and I immediately could tell the difference! I was able to keep more foods down, I was able to use the bathroom more regularly. The product worked so well on me I now give the children’s line to my 6 month old and 6 year old, I have my diabetic husband taking them, as well as my grandmother. I swear by this product. It is a must for essential gut health and I love the fact that they have the vegan option! I wholeheartedly recommend this product to any and every one in need of gut health may it be for a crisis situation like mine or just your regular day to day maintenance they have a product that will fit your needs!

— Thara G., California

I had used another quality probiotic before Healthy Trinity, but loved Healthy Trinity even more once I tried it. I experienced almost immediate increased overall energy and it really notably cleared my skin. I had used various prescriptions to clear my skin and even the best ones barely made a difference. With Healthy Trinity, it started clearing up within days and I don't deal with it at all anymore.

— Emily R., CA

I would like to submit a testimonial. This is long overdue as it relates to something that happened 12 years ago but we have just started taking Natren again at the request of my kids. My kids also suggested that I recount a remarkable story. We had this nutty nutritionist who insisted we did the whole Natren thing which to do properly is quite an effort for a family of 5. Natren he insisted was the best probiotic; the powder was better to take than the capsule and the three separately at least half an hour before meals which meant Bifido in the morning etc. it was not something we felt we could keep up forever besides the inconvenience it wasn't cheap particulalry in Europe. Anyway we did keep it up – including refrigerating the probiotics while travelling including on holiday to Tuscany where we stayed with our young kids at a resort villa with other families with similar aged kids. there must have been about 50 guests. All went well for a few days in the lovely summer sun but then came the Lurgi. Everybody in the resort started to come down with a stomach bug. It was the type of bug that left you wanting to die as quickly as possible to get over the pain. Our entire family was completely immune from it and we were the only ones. We explained to everybody we were on Natren and I would guess that provided a boost to sales. In any event it should now if anyone bothers to read this.

— Alex S.

I love Natren's Trinity. It was the only thing that helped my digestive system. My sister, who is also a doctor had suggested eating lots of yogurt. When I explained I was already doing that and I'm not a real big fan of yogurt, she said I could try one of the probiotics out there. That is when I remembered Roma Wade talking about Natren on WLS Chicago. I looked into it, checked with my local health food store and they agreed, it was the best they knew of. That made it an easy choice. I started with the starter pack. The worst issues were resolved in about a month. It took about a year before I was able to eat everything I was able to eat before. I tried off an on, not taking Natren, but I noticed some foods were still causing problems. Problems that went away when I took Natren. Because I have my life back, I am looking forward to traveling to New Zealand early next year. I was worried I would have to go with out my probiotics. Now that I know how to pack it, I'm able to take those short weekend trips without skipping also. Thank you,

— Sherry P.

Thank you so much for your response! Here is a real testimonial for you with a little more information than the compliment. You are welcome to use my name. "I developed lactose intolerance as a middle aged adult. I tried possibly every product on the market and ultimately discovered Natren Healthy Trinity. This product changed my life and my social life! It is miraculous. Over the years, I have suggested it to other friends who have thanked me profusely and also raved about their experience with this product. I have been using Healthy Trinity for a few years now and I am extremely pleased with the reliability of the products, the customer service and dedication of the Natren Company to produce and support a fine product. A rarity these days. Natren clearly believes in what they do, their products and caring about their customers." I use Healthy Trinity and deeply appreciate what a great product it is. It has helped me tremendously. All the best and thank you for the good advice,

— Hansine G.

Michael Thurmond, master body sculptor, weight loss expert and creator of the Six Week Total Body Makeover, is also a fan of Healthy Trinity. During an interview with Joanie Greggains, a national expert on exercise and diet, on her show (June 24, 2006, 8-10 AM, PST, KGO San Francisco), Michael told of his success story using Natren Healthy Trinity. "I went to the health food store and said, 'What is the best you've got?' They said 'Healthy Trinity.' I said, 'Well, give it to me,' and I was just talking to my other half this morning saying that this is the best darn product. I can feel the difference. She [Natasha Trenev] is telling the truth."

— Michael T., CA

I want to thank your company so VERY much for all the benefits that I receive from taking Healthy Trinity every day. It certainly keeps my digestive tract in a very harmonious state. I have become a Natren flag-waving, never-to-be-without advocate.

— James F., CA

I've been lactose intolerant for over 30 years, and I tried lots of things but they never worked. Then I tried Healthy Trinity, and it has been fantastic for my whole system. Now I eat and drink whatever I want with no side affects. I drink one-half gallon of milk a week and get to enjoy my very favorite treat – great-tasting milk shakes!

— Frank C., NV

At Holly Hill we realize that a healthy digestive tract is the foundation of everyone's overall health and that good digestion and nutrient absorption are key to any effective supplement therapy. We know that a proper balance of beneficial bacteria in the GI tract is essential and we recommend that every health regimen begin with a quality probiotic supplement.

— Ray S., Owner of Holly Hill Health Foods, TX

I do not write reviews often, but this one I think I owe it to this company. I have taken most of the probiotics around without feeling much differently. After searching the Internet I read some positive reviews about Natren, and I decided to give it a try. I have to admit that it felt like God's hand was put on my stomach and a relieving healing power was freeing my belly from stress....amazing feeling. I urge you to try Natren - all of the products - the are 100% better than whatever else is out there (AND YOU SHOULD BUY FROM THEIR SITE AT NATREN - THEY SHIP WITH COLD PACKS. OTHERS ON THE INTERNET SHIP THESE PRODUCTS WITHOUT KEEPING THEM COLD WHICH IS NOT A PROPER SHIPPING) All the best

— Evi - Athens, Greece

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