When Your Kids Are Bringing Home More Than Homework

A Guide to Natren’s Probiotics for the Entire Family The long, lazy days of summer are over, and the kids are back in school – phew! However, the celebration is short-lived – along with bringing home a pile of homework they’re more than likely going to be bringing home a few unwanted germs too. All it takes is one cough or sneeze in the classroom, and before long everyone in the household is feeling under the weather. Kids are exposed to a number of germs and bugs every day, and unfortunately, getting sick when they’re young is part of the…. [Read More…]

Do Your Probiotics Survive Shipping, Storage and Stomach Acid?

We talk a lot about what’s in our products (carefully selected super strains of beneficial bacteria) and what’s not in our probiotic products (No GMO’s, No FOS, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Options, etc) but today we want to talk about how we handle our probiotics and why that’s unique. Probiotics are living bacteria, and like most bacteria, they can be severely weakened or killed by prolonged exposure to moisture or heat. That’s a big problem, because although we take every step necessary to ensure that the probiotics are kept at the optimum temperature and humidity during production and…. [Read More…]

Multi-Strain Probiotics – What Consumers Need to Know

These days, most of us are always on the lookout for a good bargain. We want to feel as though we’re getting the best “bang for our buck” without compromising on quality. However, when it comes to choosing a quality probiotic, less is definitely more when it comes to the number of probiotic strains in one capsule or container. Not all probiotics are created equal, and the stark reality is that there are many probiotics, particularly multi-strain probiotics, on the shelves that don’t offer any benefits at all. Whether you’re thinking about buying a probiotic or changing the brand you’re…. [Read More…]

Are Probiotics Properly Regulated?

Recently, we have been paying close attention to, and writing about, the actions taken by Eric Schneiderman, the New York State Attorney General in regard to nutritional supplements that were found not to contain the ingredients stated on the labels – read our take on it here, and another similar study here. Unfortunately, the problem is systemic due to under-regulation. The FDA does not regulate supplements (including probiotics) as drugs, so they are not subject to the same level of scrutiny and consumer protection. Sure, there are limits to the health claims that these products can make, but industry oversight…. [Read More…]