Red Wine and Dark Chocolate? Yes, Please!

You probably already understand how important gut microbiota is to your overall health. It is a topic frequently discussed by the media and also by us here at Natren. Microbial diversity is a factor in many common disease processes and weight management but how do you get there? Eating a balanced and nutritional diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains helps, but is it enough? What about the stuff you eat and drink just for the pleasure of it like coffee, tea or chocolate? Are they taboo in a healthy diet? The answer to these questions may surprise…. [Read More…]

5 Tips to Manage the Back-to-School Blues

The excitement builds as a new school year approaches, but whether you’re a teacher, parent or student, there is bound to be some stress, too. You don’t have to let that anxiety turn into full-blown back-to-school blues. Take a minute or two as the summer vacation ends to find ways to reduce stress and increase the fun factor. Consider five ways you might improve moods as school opens back up. 1. What Made This Summer Special? Reflecting on the memories you made this summer is one way to appreciate them as you head back to school. Make it a celebration…. [Read More…]

Fun and Healthy Yogurt-Based Snacks for Back-to School!

It’s back-to-school time once again! While most parents are rejoicing the return of normality to the household, there is the small matter of lunches, snack-time, and after-school treats – how do you keep the kids happy with healthy snacks, and keep it fresh & interesting for them? No surprise, we’re big fans of yogurt here at Natren – not least because for centuries it has been a healthy, functional food, offering a natural way to get some beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. We’ve put together a selection of healthy yogurt-based snack ideas on our Pinterest board for inspiration, and…. [Read More…]

Gut Microbiota and Chronic Fatigue

It’s all in the gut or that is what medical science is starting to realize. Every person on this planet hosts a unique and diverse community of microbes known as the gut microbiota. One of the most important discoveries made in medical science is how critical the gut microbiota is to health. That understanding has revolutionized how scientists see disease progression and outcomes. What you don’t have in your gut is just as important as what you do. Recent studies suggest that lack of diversity may impact everything from weight to your risk of chronic illness. It’s still unclear how…. [Read More…]