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Better Than A Chia Pet – A Probiotic Pet

September 16, 2018

Better Than A Chia Pet – A Probiotic Pet

We love our pets and would do anything for them. They are a big part of the family. So keeping them healthy and happy is a no brainer. We research and carefully choose their food and snacks, and make sure they are getting nutritious meals, without fillers and dangerous by-products. We give them exercise and play time, and take them on long walks. Yes, some people walk their cats! Our pets return the favor by taking away our stress and giving us great happiness and unconditional love. Pets truly can be our best friends.

Focus On Fido

For now, let’s focus on dogs. A healthy diet and exercise are vital to a long life. So what about supplements? Your very first question might be: Should I give my dog probiotics? For any change in diet, or if there are specific health concerns, it is best to speak with your veterinarian. They will know your dog better than anyone else and can give you solid advice.

Probiotics can be tremendously beneficial for dogs, and the side effects, if any, are usually mild. They offer undeniable health benefits that are similar to the benefits humans get from taking probiotics. They can help enhance your dog’s immunity, reduce pain and swelling, help deal with gastrointestinal disorders, gas, bad breath and diarrhea. They can also possibly reduce cholesterol levels, stress and improve general heath and the emotional well being of your pooch.

Human Food And Human Probiotics

How many people give their dogs scraps from the table? While this is not always bad to do, and everyone likes a treat from time to time, certain foods can be harmful for our pets. And of course, this can develop bad eating habits. Fido may no longer want the dry kibble, but only the Steak Florentine or Balsamic Chicken you have so expertly made.

Human food vs. dog food leads to another question. Can I give my pet human probiotics? The short answer is yes. The next question is, why would you?

Your dog’s digestive tract is different from a human’s. While there are probably not any negative side effects in doing this, great companies like Natren make probiotics specifically for pets. Their convenient gel formula probiotic for dogs (Caninedophilus®) helps maintain healthy intestinal flora everyday, but especially when your dog is stressed, having and/or nursing puppies, being weaned, undergoing a change in diet, on antibiotics, being dewormed, undergoing intensive training, or during extreme changes in the weather.

Can Probiotics Make My Dog Sick?

As with anything else, including supplements or medicine, there may be side effects. Every animal and dog is different, and this needs to be kept in mind. With probiotics the side effects, if any, are usually quite mild, but keeping an eye on your pet and checking in with your vet is always advised.

The proper balance of healthy bacteria is very important to dogs, as is a healthy, well functioning digestive system. Probiotics offer these benefits and more. Natren’s animal probiotics are specially formulated to support the intestinal health and general wellness of your pets. They use only live bacteria super strains, which are chosen for their effectiveness in aiding digestion, improving nutrient absorption, and providing comprehensive support through the entire GI tract.

Help give your pet a full and healthy life. Go fetch them some probiotics. Ruff!


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