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A Family That Eats Together

October 08, 2018

A Family That Eats Together

Distracted Days

Have you ever seen two teenagers sitting next to each other and not saying a word, both busy on their cell phones? Or even worse, a couple on a date where instead of paying attention to each other, they are glued to their phones and in their own worlds. Actual phone calls and letters have given way to texts and emails.

Adults are not ones to talk. How many of us drive and text and justify it with voice recognition? Even a phone call while we are in the car can be dangerously distracting. We are so preoccupied these days by our electronics. It has become posts, status and likes. This is not reality and we are missing out on real life and the things that are most important, and right in front of us.

A Grab And Go Life

The day of the family sitting down to a leisurely meal, filled with home cooking and genuine and open conversation, seems long gone. Those famous Normal Rockwell paintings are like ancient history. It’s all fast food these days, either literally at a drive in, or grabbing food from the house and getting out as fast as we can. Conversation and connection is grab and go, too. We get to ask one or two questions, get a one or two word answer and the kids are out the door.

Luckily, many families are realizing this time-honored tradition not only creates opportunities for genuine connection, but also gives us real health benefits. Cooking together is fun and a great way to bond. Plus, we can control the ingredients and eat organic and natural foods. Family mealtime is all about healthy food and conversation. And then cleaning up after a meal together and dividing tasks teaches responsibility and teamwork, and also makes everyone feel like an active participant.

The Bountiful Benefits Of Table Time

The benefits of sitting down together for a family meal are huge. It is much more than the sharing of food and the breaking of bread. It is sharing conversation, emotions, and vital information, and it is absolutely about a human and personal connection.

Family mealtime teaches us good table manners, the importance of listening and knowing when and how to speak in turn. It provides a respite and break from a busy day and the hassles that come with work and school, and can actually reduce stress. Talking about things instead of keeping them bottled up inside is much more healthy. Let your dinner table be a safe and open environment.

Something To Chew On

When we eat slowly, we tend to eat less since we give ourselves, and our food time to digest, and allow the brain and stomach to know when its full. It takes the brain about twenty minutes from the start of a meal to know it is satiated. Chewing our food fully helps break it down, which aids in digestion. It also allows us to really enjoy the tastes and textures, and be both mindful and grateful for the bounty in front of us. When we eat too fast we run the risk of stomachaches and indigestion. There is no fun in that.

Plus, when we sit at the table for a leisurely meal, we drink more water. Increased water consumption is another benefit of eating slowly. And good hydration has many advantages like balancing the body’s fluids, helping the kidneys and bowels to work more efficiently, and improving the appearance of the skin.

Phone Down, Probiotics Up

Put the phone down. Actually, better yet, don’t allow phones at the dinner table at all. If you really need to grab something, grab a fork, knife spoon and plate, and settle into a wonderful sit-down, family meal. And don’t forget probiotics for the entire family.

Natren offers products for adults, children, newborns and even the family pets. They been making their high quality line of probiotics for over thirty five years, and pride themselves on helping families stay healthy by building their immunity and improving their digestive health. A good and healthy gut goes a long way. So does sitting down together for good food and conversation. Make Natren part of your family mealtime and table talk.

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