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Everyone's Best Friend

October 15, 2018

Everyone's Best Friend

From the moment we bring them home, our pets become members of the family. Obviously it is much easier to hug a dog or cat and feel a special bond with them than it is a goldfish, but animals of any kind bring much joy and happiness to our lives. We would do anything for our animal kin.

Safe And Secure

October is National Animal Safety And Protection Month. Perhaps it is not ironic that it is also Emotional Wellness Month. If our pets are not doing well it can take a huge emotional and mental toll on us, as well.

Preventative health care is extremely important. We all know that we should get annual or semi-annual check-ups. This is just as essential for our pets. They will need vaccinations each year, or perhaps they will be on regular medication. Having a vet keep an eye on any issues or concerns can help catch things early, or even better, make sure no serious illness starts in the first place. There are many animal health plans out there, and some include regular office visits, dental cleanings, and other basic services, plus a discount on other treatments you may need.

Pet insurance is also well worth looking into. Medical costs can be extremely high and it is good to have some protection, safety, and security for if and when you need it. Research your options online to compare coverage and costs, and ask your veterinarian what plans they think are best. Your peace of mind is well worth it.

Depending on where you live, nature may pose a threat to your pets, too. In parts of California, for example, there are rattlesnakes, coyotes, hawks, and other animals that would love to grab hold of your pet. We also need to realize that animals are animals, and even well-trained dogs can snap and sometimes attack. Be smart and aware when you take your pets out for a walk or for playtime.

Pet Allergies

Just like humans, pets can have allergies and allergic reactions to foods, bites, and stings. A severe reaction can also lead to anaphylactic shock. Pay attention to hives, redness, itching and excessive licking, and also vomiting and difficulty breathing. If you have any concerns, call your vet immediately and know where the nearest pet hospital is. Keep this information on your fridge or where every family member can easily find it.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Diet and clean teeth are also just as important for our pets as they are for us. Talk to your vet about snacks that keep their teeth clean, and ask how often you should be brushing your pet’s teeth. Many issues can start in the mouth and are not just limited to periodontal disease.

And know how many snacks and how much food your pets are getting on a daily basis. We should not show love with too many extra treats and rewards. Obesity is a real concern for animals, too. According to research from the Association For Pet Obesity Prevention over half of cats and dogs in the United States were overweight in 2014. This can have very serious repercussions. Making sure our pets have plenty of playtime and enough exercise is also vital.

Overweight cats may have trouble grooming themselves. Some veterinarians even believe that overweight and obese cats and dogs can also be depressed. Our pets give us such deep and unconditional love. We need to give them the same back, and that starts with keeping all members of the family on the right track… or tract.

Petbiotics – Probiotics For Healthy Pets

The GI tract of an animal is home to a diverse population of beneficial bacteria, just as in humans. Keeping this properly balanced is important to dogs, cats, livestock and birds. Natren has many different and specifically formulated products to help your pets, including Caninedophilus and Felinedophilus.

Most pets love the probiotic gel and are happy when you give it to them. You can have your pets lick the gel off your finger or from the handy dispenser. Gastro Vegi-Dophilus can be sprinkled on food, or mixed into water. Natren makes it easy to keep your pets and your entire family healthy and happy. Visit Natren.com to learn more.


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