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Cooking with Yogurt :­ 4 Fun Warm, Winter Yogurt Recipes

December 28, 2015

Cooking with Yogurt :­ 4 Fun Warm, Winter Yogurt Recipes

When you think of yogurt, more than likely you think of eating it cold. As we’ve written in previous blogs, yogurt is so versatile, and when you make it yourself, it’s packed full of goodness and it’s all natural. It has no artificial colors or flavors and unlike the store bought variety, it’s not laden with sugars or other additives.

There are so many different things you can make with yogurt, but did you know that you can use yogurt in delicious warm winter recipes?   So now the colder weather is here, don’t put away your yogurt maker just yet. Always keep a batch in the fridge and Natren’s Yogurt Starter on hand, and enjoy these four favorites winter recipes! Don’t forget to substitute your own homemade Natren yogurt into these recipes.

Tips and Techniques

Before you begin cooking with yogurt, here are a few basic tips and techniques to consider. High heat can cause the yogurt to separate and curdle, but Table Talk shares some very easy directions on how to add yogurt to breads, gravies or sauces and avoid a curdled mess. We also recommend reading these tips before you begin on how to make yogurt in the winter because once the weather gets cooler, you might need to make a few adjustments to your recipes. Whenever you heat yogurt above 120 degrees F or higher, it will kill the yogurt fermenting bacteria, however, the yogurt still remains a functional food and nutritious dining option.

Some of our Favorites

1.) Bored of plain stew, or bland vegetables? Spice dinner up tonight with this delicious Herbed Yogurt Sauce, and wow your dinner guests too. It’s simple to make and what’s more, it only takes 10 minutes to prepare. Now that’s the type of meal anyone can enjoy.

2.) Or, perhaps you’re in the mood for a spicy side dish? These tomatoes cooked in Spicy Yogurt Sauce make a great accompaniment to fish or rice. Be sure to use whole milk yogurt when you’re making this as the other varieties will curdle.

3.) Who wants pasta tonight…Pasta with Greek Yogurt sauce to be exact. Make this easy prep dish using ingredients that you keep on hand. This Middle Eastern variation can be used with any pasta and is a great change from your usual pasta sauce.

4.) Grab a blanket and your favorite mug and cozy up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate with Greek yogurt. Yes, you did read that right. This thick, creamy drink is made with real chocolate too. Not the artificial powder stuff that you find at the grocery store. And, it’s healthy! Bound to delight any hot chocolate lover. And this recipe makes enough to share with someone special.

Natren Yogurt Starter

All these recipes are very easy and quick to make and we’ve added them to our Pinterest board along with some of our other favorite yogurt recipes and tips. We always recommend using Natren’s Yogurt Starter with all the yogurt recipes. Our Yogurt Starter is a recipe that’s been handed down over many generations and has graced the tables of royalty throughout the world. But most importantly, it’s naturally sweet with no artificial flavors or preservatives and it’s a delicious source of protein and bioavailable calcium. Let us know what you think and share some of your favorites with us too!


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