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In Their Own Words: A Life-changing Story From A Customer

May 09, 2016

In Their Own Words: A Life-changing Story From A Customer

In this blog, we try to provide well-researched insight into the world of Probiotics and Healthy Living, however sometimes other people can say it better than us. So this time, one of our customers tells their story, in their own words, about how Natren products have helped them personally. We think it’s a wonderful story – we hope you agree.

I am 26 years old. Since the age of 9, I have suffered from gas, bloating, diarrhea, and overall intestinal discomfort. I recall multiple visits to the gastroenterologist throughout my child, adolescent, and adult years for these issues. After countless blood work, colonoscopies, endoscopes, breath tests, multiple medication managements, dietary restrictions, and referrals for dietitians and specialists, I felt like giving up. I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, IBD, IBS-D, and been told by doctors that they don’t really know what is going on with me. I have tried everything. From probiotics, medications, meditation, essential oils, yoga, extreme exercise, hypnosis, massages, and reflexology, I was getting very little results. I had to miss multiple days of school and work because of my issues. I am a substance abuse and mental health counselor for the homeless population in the Chicagoland area and have had to cancel multiple appointments with my clients because I couldn’t give all my attention to them due to anxiety about having to run to the bathroom. It was taking over my life. What I had gone to college for 7 years for and accepting a position with very little pay because of my compassion for helping others, I had become defeated and no longer could take care of my self-care needs. I felt like giving up on my career and passion because of my own intestinal issues.

Recently, I had heard about Natren products and was pessimistic about it actually helping my issues. Why would this product be any different? Well, I have been on Natren Healthy Trinity for about three weeks now, and everyday has become a little better since beginning. No more bloating, no more gas, no more diarrhea, and am feeling “normal” again. I haven’t felt like this in years. I have been able to put myself out there more, not afraid of being far from a bathroom, and am able to comfortably sit through meetings with my coworkers and clients with ease. And guess what? I am able to enjoy dairy products again! I have since been researching this product and figuring out why this product is different from so many other probiotics out there on the market. Whatever it is, IT WORKS!!! I cannot express how relieved I am about this product effectiveness, it has changed my life. I am optimistic of getting my life back together, helping others and giving them the attention they deserve. Thank you, Natren. I owe you my life, because I have my life back again!

Laura W., Chicago, IL

Thank you for sharing, Laura. We truly value value you as a customer, but more importantly, hearing about the life-changing benefits of our probiotics is what keeps us going. We are so happy to be part of something that improves the quality of life for so many people!


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