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Making Your Foods Functional with Probiotics

October 14, 2013

Making Your Foods Functional with Probiotics

Last week we highlighted the importance of having probiotics in your diet to create a healthy gut flora balance, and also ensuring that when you do consume probiotics, they count and deliver the benefits that you are expecting. We call these “functional foods”.

A functional food is one that provides health benefits, not just nutritional benefits. Classic fermented functional foods such as sauerkraut, kefir and yogurt are often praised for their probiotic benefits, but many times they fall short of their potential – both from unhealthy additives, but also, because the type of bacteria strains within the product may not be the best fit to provide you with a positive benefit for your health.

An alternative route to functional foods is by adding probiotics to everyday meals. This enables a much more diverse diet while still adding much-needed beneficial bacteria to your intake. A considerable advantage in this approach is not only that the bacteria strain can be selected to match your digestive needs, but also by using quality probiotics like Natren, that contains both the bacteria and its natural supernatant protection, the cells are much more likely to survive the harsh journey through the acidic stomach environment and be alive and ready to form useful colonies in the gut and ready to do their good work for your digestive system.

How to add Natren Probiotics Directly To Everyday Foods

There are numerous options for adding probiotics to your meals. The easiest way is to addprobiotic powders to the meal. Natren Healthy Start System’s 3-in-1 probiotic powders contain each of the individual probiotic strains.Just add ¾-1 teaspoon of each powder per serving to the meal and mix gently but thoroughly. Don’t forget to eat the whole serving so that you consume all the beneficial goodness.

Customizing your Probiotics

The great thing about adding individual powders to your meals is the ability to customize your probiotic input. If you experience a specific complaint such as excess gas, indigestion or bloating, try a smaller amount of the powders and give your body time to adjust, building up to a higher serving amount over time.  We recommend calling one of our probiotic consultants at 1-866-4-NATREN (1-866-462-8736) for help selecting an probiotic layering system that will work best for your body’s needs.

Dos and Don’ts for adding Probiotics to you Meal

The most important thing to remember when adding probiotics to food is to be aware of temperature. Food can be warm, but not hot. Do not add probiotics to food over 120oF, and do not cook or reheat food once a probiotic has been added. Also, do not mix probiotics with acidic ingredients such as vinegar, orange or lemon juice or tomatoes.

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