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Natren Celebrates Its 35 Year Anniversary By Breaking New Ground

July 17, 2017

Natren Celebrates Its 35 Year Anniversary By Breaking New Ground

Natren has chosen a special way to celebrate 35 years of helping others and serving as trendsetters in the pharmaceutical grade probiotics industry – by opening a new facility to expand our work. Established in 1982 by educator and author Natasha Trenev, Natren remains the leading manufacturer of probiotics worldwide. In fact, you’ll find Natren probiotic products in health food stores throughout the world.

As a company, Natren is committed to educating our consumers about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that includes the introduction of good bacteria into the gut through the use of quality probiotic products. To mark 35 years of providing consumers with the finest pharmaceutical grade probiotics, Natasha and the employees at Natren are proud to break ground on a new fermentation plant in Westlake Village, California.

A Legacy of Health

35 Year SealFor more than three decades, Natren, the leading manufacturer in pharmaceutical grade probiotics, has provided consumers with a way to improve their gut microbiota and, as a result, their overall health. Traditional medical science is just now beginning to catch up and understand the role gut flora has in health. Living inside every person is a complex community of microorganisms that:

  • Defend against invading pathogens
  • Maintain the intestinal ecosystem
  • Help metabolize compounds

Without these beneficial bacteria, you might not fight disease off, digest food efficiently or get the proper nutrients from the food you eat. Probiotics are live microorganisms designed to benefit both humans and pets. They work to improve gut microbiota by introducing different strains of good bacteria into the mix. Proven research shows that a lack of diversity in the gut may lead to chronic illness, affect proper metabolism and even interfere with the central nervous system.

Natren’s New Fermentation Plant

Unlike a number of other probiotic brands, Natren develops its own products in a state-of-the-art production facility, whereas most other manufactures source white-label products from contract manufacturers. For 35 years, we have taken responsibility for the quality of our probiotics through continuous cultivation and production of our own bacterial cultures. Our current plant offers a proprietary full-culture and freeze-drying procedure that preserves and protects the strains of bacteria that make up their probiotic products. By creating our own cultures, we take control over the probiotics and what goes into them to ensure consumers get the best quality and most effective strains.

The new plant expansion takes Natren to the next level in service and capability. We have spent the last six years planning the new facility and we are thrilled to finally break ground on it. This new construction, set to open its doors around March of 2018, is expected to expand Natren’s probiotic production capacity by 5,000%.

In a world where chemicals are having a significant impact on health, Natren offers people a way to fight back and get the most from their healthy lifestyles. With the addition of this new fermentation plant, we will expand our reach further, so even more people throughout the world can benefit from our quality probiotic products.

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