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Natren Presenting at Brain Solutions 2013 Conference

July 22, 2013

Natren Presenting at Brain Solutions 2013 Conference

We are pleased to announce that world-recognized probiotics scientist and Natren founder, Natasha Trenev, will be a guest speaker at the Brain Solutions 2013 conference in Vancouver, BC.

We asked Natasha why she is particularly excited about this conference – here is her response:

“In the 1980’s Natren formulated a unique and powerful probiotic product, later producing it in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade facility.  My husband, Yordan Trenev, and I did this because we were convinced that probiotics are the most important health concept of the 21st century. Natren is an innovator whose mission is to provide unique and valuable probiotic products to benefit the health of as many people as possible.

We are thrilled to see science catching up to our original theories – that the intestinal tract is related to all health aspects of our body. I am happy to report a flurry of recent studies about a very important concept – the gut brain axis –focused on exploring the previously overlooked and surprisingly strong connection between our gut and our brain.”

Conference attendees will hear from a variety of expert speakers in the areas of positive brain health though nutrition, detoxification, meditation and other mind-expanding techniques. Natasha will be focusing on the connection between the brain and the gut. This brain-gut axis is often called the “second brain”.  During her presentation, you will learn:

  • Why understanding the function of the microbiome is important to understanding the gut-brain axis
  • Emerging research on the gut-brain connection
  • Why scientists and health professionals view the nervous system as the “second brain”
  • What indispensable role do appropriately selected probiotics play in the gut-brain axis

The conference will take place Saturday August 24th – Sunday August 25th at the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, BC, Canada. For more details and to buy tickets (starting at $99), visit We hope to see you there!

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