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Probiotics – Don’t Kid Around!

September 13, 2018

Probiotics – Don’t Kid Around!

There is nothing a parent won’t do for their child. Keeping them healthy and happy is on the top of the list. Yet if your child is stubborn, and does not want to eat well or take care of him or herself, this can be a frustrating endeavor. So what can we do?

Setting Examples

We all want to share our insight and the lessons we have learned with our children. While we desire to have meaningful conversations with our kids, and have them hang on our every word, actions often speak louder. We are the shining examples they will emulate, so what they see us do is significant.

If we exercise, perhaps they will, too. If we eat well and show them how great a healthy meal can be, hopefully they will seek out their own healthy choices. Forcing kids to do things usually backfires. Let them see us making the right choices and behaving in the best way. If we don’t put our phones away at the table, or are distracted drivers with texts and calls, they may regard that as normal and okay.

Being present and aware is essential. Doing things together as a family is a great way to bond and create strong ties. Having family meals, taking walks together and going on family outings are all ways to develop strong connections and good habits. It’s all about creating a healthy environment, internally and externally. If you want to start on the inside, taking a probiotic is something the whole family can benefit from.

How Can Probiotics Help My Child?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria and have been linked to a wide range of health benefits. They can help with digestive health and immunity by restoring the natural balance of gut bacteria, and can also help prevent and treat diarrhea. There are studies showing that probiotics may help improve symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress.

While these benefits are obviously good for all members of the family, probiotics may also reduce the risk and severity of certain allergies, such as eczema, in infants and children. Some probiotics may also reduce inflammation in people with milk or dairy allergies, though further studies are needed to confirm this.

Digestive disorders seem all too common these days, affecting both children and adults. Certain types of probiotics have improved symptoms in people with mild ulcerative colitis and may provide benefits for those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Any medical issues your children may be facing should be discussed with a doctor.

Picky Is Not Always Bad

Live probiotic cultures can be found in yogurts and certain milk drinks, and in pickled vegetables, tempeh, miso, kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut. If you and your kids eat all of that, fantastic! However, even if you do it might not be enough of the amounts you need to actually get the health benefits you want.

Probiotic supplements come in a variety of forms such as tablets, capsules and powders. Getting a high quality probiotic is essential, and not all brands are the same. You should definitely be picky when choosing which one to take. Many can be destroyed by stomach acid before they even reach the gut, and the gut is where you want your probiotic going. Visit to learn more and order their probiotic supplements and products. Don’t be afraid to have fun and be silly, and share your inner child with your own kids. However, when it comes to probiotics, don’t kid around.

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